Ladies, if there is one thing that we women want more than anything else in this world, then it is having pockets in our clothes.

And not like the fake ones that the fashion industry has been dishing out to us since the beginning of the time.

All we really want is actual pockets that can hold things for us and make our lives easier.

So, when a Twitter user, Esther Kezia Thorpe (@EstherKeziaT) posted the wedding dress of her friend that had actual pockets in them, Twitterati obviously lost its mind.

The picture that Esther had posted showed her friend putting her hands inside the pockets of her wedding dress, which was designed by Suzanne Neville.

Here are the best reactions of people after seeing a wedding dress with pockets.

Some users even started posting pictures of their wedding outfits that had pockets.

Honestly, for us, we are just overwhelmed that such dresses do exist.

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