Want to make your own flower arrangements but don’t know where to start? Shop where the florists shop.

Charlotte Flower Market, located just off I-77 at 820 Clanton Road, is a wholesale florist open to the public. It’s where pros come to buy loose stems in bulk, but you can shop here too.

The shop is stocked with all the fresh-cut flowers, greenery, filler and floral supplies you need to create bouquets, centerpieces, flower crowns and more — at wholesale prices.

They also offer professional floral design services if you’re not interested in doing it yourself.

If you’re a hobbyist or are completely new to flower arranging, they offer hands-on classes to get you started.

I took the Pineapple Bali class in August and was blown away by how professional my arrangement looked.

How cute is my Pineapple Bali arrangement? (This was after transferring it out of its pineapple vase.)

You get a detailed “recipe” that breaks down every stem in the arrangement along with professional guidance on exactly where to place them to get a polished finished product.

Here are my “raw” ingredients, if you will, along with the “recipe” for the arrangement.

You get to take your arrangement home (I was seriously so proud of mine) and also get 15% off any in-store purchases if you’re feeling inspired to try your skills at home with more flowers.

Upcoming classes include:

9/8 – Island Memories Floral Workshop ($58)

9/12 – Early Fall Bridal Bouquet ($65)

9/22 – Beyonce Floral Crown ($40)

Charlotte Flower Market is an excellent place to test the waters and see if you’re really game DIY that Pinterest wedding of your dreams.

And if you decide you are, they’ve got everything you need to make it happen — even pro wedding flower services just in case you change your mind and want help. ?

Katie Levans Loveluck

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