KC Professional Photography

Photographer KC Chan creates memorable wedding photos thanks to her excellent people skills and non-intrusive technique, which makes ample use of natural light.

She has traversed the world to locales as far flung as Iceland for destination wedding and engagement shoots, and has a dedicated team of photographers and an in-house videographer to ensure the production process is as smooth as possible.

What’s your approach to photography? 
I love how photographs capture timeless moments that words alone can’t fully describe. To me, honest moments matter. I like to keep my work simple, beautiful and truthful. I believe that in my small way I am making a difference in people’s lives, and that’s a huge privilege and responsibility.

How do you work with couples to get the tone and style they want?
It’s all down to good communication. That’s why I spend a lot of time to make sure couples understand my approach fully when they come to meet with me. My typical clients want fun, spontaneous photos without the moody feeling that comes with photojournalism.

What equipment do you usually work with?
As everyone else is chasing ever faster cameras, I am the odd one out who still shoots with manual vintage cameras and lenses. The world seen from the viewfinder of my vintage gear might be a little slower, a little prettier, but it brings me back to a time when we paid more attention when taking a photograph. It makes me value each shot more before clicking the shutter.

As for my engagement sessions, I shoot on analogue film. I love the authenticity, elegance and uniqueness that film brings in our digital era. There is a magic found in shooting film that is uniquely its own.

Tips for creating beautiful photos: Be relaxed. The couple should feel at ease and be their true selves. It’s never about the location; it’s all about the chemistry.

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Johnny Productions

Documenting your special day is a snap with bespoke wedding photography and videography studio Johnny Productions. Principal photographer Susan Ng draws on more than 10 years of experience and sensitivity, and cultivates a bond with the bride and bridal party based on a shared understanding as women to create her shots.

How would you describe your style? 
Very natural. As a wedding photographer, I’m meant to capture moments of joy, so I focus a lot on facial expressions. When our clients look back at these photos in the future, I want them to be able to relive the sensations. That is something that I, as a photographer, treasure and want to bring out in my work.

What kinds of shoots do you most often work on?
Pre-wedding, wedding and family portraits. With a lot of my clients, we collaborate together on pre-wedding shoots, then wedding portraits, and then pregnancy shoots. It’s a beautiful process that I cherish because it displays the strong bond and trust that we have for one another.

Some of the brides even take part in an additional boudoir shoot before the wedding as a gift for the groom. It’s an intensely special and private shoot, and a lot of trust is needed between the bride and me for the shoot to be a success.

Tips for creating beautiful photos: When choosing a photographer, don’t rely on trends. Ask yourself: if you choose to follow a trend or popular style for your photos, will you regret it when you look back? These trends will always eventually disappear, but the photographs will last a lifetime.

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Alexander Hera

If you’re looking for that additional touch of style in your wedding photos, call up Alexander Hera, a photography studio with its own make-up artists and stylists on staff. They even have a bespoke wedding dress design service.

How would you describe your style?
We do elegant and timeless portraits. We observe the couple’s most beautiful sides and capture the interactions between them.

What kinds of shoots do you most often work on?
We do studio pre-wedding and outdoor pre-wedding, but we also do a lot of overseas pre-wedding photos. We’ve done wedding shoots from Kyoto to Bali.

How do you work with couples to get the tone and style they want?
We have meetings before every shoot to discuss the style with the couple.

What is your production process?
Normally we suggest that clients have an additional photographer for weddings that have more than 300 people, for a total of three photographers. We have an in-house video team who have worked with our photographers many times. Our video team will have an edited video ready on the same day for the evening reception. Our turnaround time for photos is 12 to 16 weeks.

Tips for beautiful photos: Lighting, styling and emotion.

Find out more at alexanderhera.com

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