Finally, a “Game of Thrones” wedding with a happy ending.

Original “America’s Next Top Model” winner Adrianne Curry tied the knot with voiceover performer Matthew Rhode on September 15 and it was a gorgeously geeky affair.

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Instead of turning it into a huge event, the two eloped during a private ceremony in Glacier National Park, Montana. The only other person in attendance was the wedding photographer, Brooke Stevens-Patrick, who also doubled as their officiant.

“The decision to not invite anyone to our wedding was due to a few reasons. The remote locations we wanted to wed in as well as not many people being excited for our wedding,” Curry explained on her personal website.

“We wanted an intimate and meaningful wedding. People opposed our career changes, our life changes, etc.,” she continued. “It made sense to just do the thing in a personal way and save for our future. Also, how many assholes get married multiple times throwing a wedding? At a certain point, spare everyone your damn bullshit.”

Curry tells TooFab that some of Rhode’s family was “bummed” they missed it, but they wanted something “quiet and intimate … and about us.”

Curry, 36, was previously married to “The Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight, who she met on VH1’s “The Surreal Life,” a marriage she also mentioned in her post.

“Most of you know, I was wed before. It took this meaningful union to realize just how absolutely f–king fake that first wedding was,” she explained. “It was a TV show, only I wasn’t privy to the fact that I was the only one that thought it was real. Everything about it wasn’t genuine and I was a young and stupid fool that truly believed I was loved.”

“When you get married, if you are almost vomiting from ‘cold feet’ right before walking down the aisle … if your Mom hands you an abuse hotline the night before explaining verbal abuse is just as bad as physical … R U N,” she added. “I deserved to be LOVED. I deserved to be RESPECTED. I deserved a man who kept his pants on and treated me as an equal.”

She found that someone in Rhode, a man who clearly shares her love of fantasy.

Writing about her dress, Curry explained she “toyed with ideas” for both “Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thrones”-inspired gowns. In the end, it was Daenerys Targaryen’s Qarth dress that won out.

“I had always been obsessed with it. The metal work looked elvish. Also, the Grecian flow of it was always something I envied and wish I had in my closet,” she explained. The final product ended up being made up ivory silk and champagne chiffon, with laser cut brass for the belt, shoulders and tiara. Curry, who sells Avon now, also did her own makeup using the company’s products.

As for her now-husband’s look, he wasn’t down with going the “Game of Thrones” route and instead opted for Western wear. “He looked like he had stepped right out of one of our favorite shows, ‘Westworld,'” wrote a happy Curry. “Our two favorite HBO shows had come together for our wedding. This pleased me greatly.”

The two were clearly OK with going the non-traditional route, as they spent the night before the wedding watching a Ted Bundy documentary together, before helping each other get ready the morning of.

“Without knowing it, we both quoted ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ in our vows. Our exchange was perfectly nerdy,” she said of the ceremony. “I also tossed in some ‘Watchmen,’ ‘Harry Potter’ and loads of ‘Game Of Thrones’ quotes. We do not believe in God, but damn it, do we believe in MIDDLE EARTH! Hell, we were physically standing in it!”

Their celebrations ended in their hotel room, where they had their first dance to Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” before dancing to “Stand By Me,” “When I’m 64” and Pharrell’s “Happy.”

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