Newlyweds Glen McKey, 27, and Amy McKey, 24, tied the knot at their ranch in Woodenbong, New South Wales, Australia, on September 29.

After exchanging their vows and posing with their wedding party, the couple’s photographer asked Glen and Amy to wander across the ridge of a hill with a palomino horse, thinking it would make a dreamy wedding snap.

But an angry bull had other ideas as it charged at the lovebirds forcing them to run for their lives with their horse in tow – making for a hilarious set of snaps.

Horse breaker Glen said: “We were walking back down the hill and the bull really ran at us and I thought ‘oh sh**’.

“Amy grabbed her dress and started to run. You can see she was running because her dress is flying in the photo.

“The bull got a bit closer and then my horse tried pulling away because it got a fright and I just had to get out of the way because it chased us.

“I wasn’t that worried I just thought ‘ah I’ll just step around it’ but I didn’t take it too cheap either because you never know what it’s going to do.

“The bull was running in a straight line and it just ran and then ended up just pulling up and I just hoped they had all the photos they needed.

“It made the wedding day. Everyone thought it was good – so funny.

“Although most of the people at the wedding didn’t actually know it happened because they were drinking beer.

“I showed my neighbour who owns the bull and he got a good laugh out of it.

“With Amy in her white dress the bull probably didn’t know what was happening.

“It had never seen someone in a wedding dress in the paddock before so it was all new to it.

“I reckon we’ll get the two photos canvas printed and put it up on the wall for a nice little sequence.”

Their photographer Aleesha Aldis-Friedrichs, 26, had this vision of perfect image to encapsulate Glen and Amy’s big day – but never planned for the unexpected guest.

Despite their more unusual nature, Amy and Glen are thrilled with the photos from Aleesha, who runs Boundless Imagery.

Aleesha said: “There were a lot of people suggesting other big named photographers to Amy but she wanted to give someone like me a go.

“Someone that sort of needs the exposure and it turns out I got a lot more exposure than we anticipated.

“I could never have imagined this exposure in a million years.

“It’s literally like probably about three frames apart because the bull sort of looked up and then he had this really like aggressive walk going.

“Then he just lifted off – all fours in the air – and just took off at them.

“I was just like ‘oh my god’ I was laughing so hard behind the camera – I’m so surprised it stayed straight because I was laughing.

“I was worried about their well-being after the snaps, like ‘oh my god that could have been really serious’.

“It was so funny looking back at them on the camera afterwards.

“The groomsmen and all of that were in absolute hysterics. We were flicking through the photos straight after.

“I like the rush I get from the pictures. It takes me right back to that moment of seeing it happen.

“I just really loved the simplicity of it too and the emotion and drama that comes from it.

“It’s absolutely the best photo I’ve ever taken at a wedding – the most memorable.”

Glen proposed to Amy two years to the day they got married and was thrilled when she said ‘yes’.

After thinking about how to propose for a while Glen decided to pull out all the stops, landing in their garden in a helicopter before popping the question on a romantic flight.

Marrying Amy meant the world to Glen – and he thinks being chased by the bull made their wedding day even more special.

Glen said: “When I proposed I told Amy when she got home from work to be ready because we were going round to a friends.

“I told her to make sure she was ready because we couldn’t be late and then I turned up in a helicopter and landed in the front yard.

“She just thought we’d gone for a joy flight and then when we got up in the air I proposed to her.

“That way she had no choice. If she’s said ‘no’ there would have only been one way then –  to jump out the helicopter. Seriously though, she was very happy.

“The bull chasing us made the day. It made it a nice exciting day. And I think it’s a great photo – you’ll never get one like that again.

“The one where it’s nice and calm when we’re walking and then the next minute it’s a different scene when it’s running at us. I don’t think you’d ever be able to re-create that.”

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