Pre-wedding shoots have become a necessity for the couples.  Pre-wedding moments are romantic times for the couple. It isn’t rare to see couples happily reminisce their initial chemistry and relive that spark during a shoot. It is a great way to create everlasting memories.

So, here are some creative ideas for an exotic Pre wedding shoot by Ashish Khattar, Portfolio Studio.


Save the date- Cute ‘Save the Date’ stills would be a favorable concept with the couple being is at their candid best, also sending out a brief invite(for the big day) of sorts. Besides the traditional way of invitation everyone nowadays wants a unique and perfect way to the wedding invitation.

Save the DateSave the Date

Umbrella Click- A couple holding an umbrella together or behind the umbrella looks amazing and add the feel of romance to your wedding album.

Umbrella ClickUmbrella Click

Behind the Frames- Make your pre wedding shoot more memorable adding some beautiful, antique or funny frames that reflect the bonding between the couple and also you will have a lot of fun while using these frames to fit into them.

Behind the framesBehind the frames

Seaside Romance- Seaside pre wedding shoot will give you adorable sea view.

Sweet Captions- Sweet and funny captions will enhance the fun to your shoot. You can take either the printed captions on board or you can take them as handwritten or on the chalkboards or the customized designed on cards.

Romantic Rides- If you are a person who wants adventure and fun in your life then bicycle prop is best suitable for you. You can also give vintage theme using the bicycle. The basic concept behind pre-wedding shoot pictures is having as much as fun it’s possible with your partner.

Romantic RidesRomantic Rides

Bollywood Style- If you are a Bollywood fan, here are some poses for the pre-wedding shoot that are inspired by the filmy couples.

Bollywood StyleBollywood Style

The Perfect Kiss- Okay this one stands out from the rest, owing to the fact that it’s lesser experimented with. It epitomises ‘Love’ at all possible levels.

Perfect KissPerfect Kiss

Dupatta style- Dupatta is the most sensual prop used in the pre-wedding photography. It’s the unique, interesting and loving idea to add some wonderful moments in the photography shoot.

Dupatta StyleDupatta Style

Spread colours of love– If your photographer is skilled and experienced then this shoot looks amazing, otherwise there are chances to get messed with your dress. Colours will add the drama to your pictures and Holi colours are best for this. Add this prop in the last of your wedding shoot, if you don’t want to look colourful for the rest of the pictures.

Colours of loveColours of love

Historical monuments- Historical places will enhance the beauty of couple. India is blessed with the beautiful historical places all around that provides the romantic backdrops. It will give adorable scenic places and incredible architecture. This is the best and affordable pre-wedding shoot place.



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