The stressed-out bridezilla is not only said to have attacked poor Kate by insisting she was forbidden from arriving through the main entrance, but Eugenie’s diva demands, fights with the wedding planners and blow out budget mean the event is swiftly turning into a disaster.

princess eugenie


According to an insider, jealous Eugenie insisted Kate – who is looking as glamorous as ever following her return from maternity leave – entered through a side entrance, out of the main stream of cameras, in order to avoid the duchess taking away her limelight.

Following news that over 23,000 people had signed a petition demanding the British government not commit any public money to the Oct.12 nuptials, insiders say the princess had a “bridezilla meltdown” and the “wedding rehearsal from hell”.

Royal sources are claiming Eugenie attacked her wedding planner, Peregrine Armstrong-Jones – who is from prestigious event planning company Bentley’s Entertainment, and known for having organised previous royal weddings – for not doing his job properly.

“Eugenie went ballistic at the final meeting with her planners – demanding they make a string of last-minute changes and throwing a hissy fit over various details which she insisted she hadn’t approved,” a source spills.

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princess eugenie


Last month it was revealed that the BBC had declined to air Eugenie’s wedding in the UK.

After she fought tooth and nail to have her moment in the spotlight, rival network ITV have agreed to broadcast it as part of their morning schedule.

However, after the announcement that the princess’ wedding – which will include 850 invited guests and 1200 members of the public – is set to cost taxpayers nearly $3.6 million, there’s been uproar among the British public.

“A royal wedding is a private, personal event, dressed up as a national occasion. That lets the royals use weddings as PR exercises and expect the taxpayers will pay a a large part  of the costs,” the website for the petition states. “If the royals want to turn Eugenie and Jack’s big day into a public event, they need to pick up the bill – all of it.”

It’s a statement that is set to leave the pushy princess furious.

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Fergie has been on the outskirts for a long time and is loving every second of being mother of the bride. Taking full advantage of her role, the power is going to her head.

“Eugenie and her mother are making a lot of enemies along the way, but they just don’t care.”

“Eugenie’s demands have spiralled so out of control she’s gone over half a million pounds over budget – her planners have even threatened to walk at the final hour if she makes one more demand,” they added.


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