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When planning a wedding there are so many choices to make, from picking the prettiest programs to deciding on a DJ. But when the night’s over, you’ll be wanting to relive those magic moments and choosing the right photographer is the key to perfectly preserving those memories.

Before deciding which photographer to book, keep these questions in mind.

1. Do you trust they’ll know what moments you want to capture?

Robert Burns has been shooting weddings for 10 years, and he says the biggest mistake he sees couples make is selecting a photographer based on a single eye-catching picture in a portfolio. When choosing a photographer, learn more about how many weddings they’ve done. Just like other professions, photographers learn from experience, and those with more experience know how to capture the key moments. You’ll be thankful you trusted an expert when you get your gorgeous wedding album back!

2. Do your expectations seem to be in sync?

Burns says he loves meeting couples in person before their wedding to chat about what they’re really wanting out of the experience and to show couples they can trust his expertise. Not only should you look for someone who’s relatable, fun and easy to work with, but also someone who’s reliable and responsible. Establishing those expectations early on helps ensure a flawless experience, Burns says.

3. Check out their portfolio. Can you see a story?

While portfolios filled with cherry-picked beauties aren’t everything, you’ll be able to get a good feel of the photographer’s ability to capture a story. When you’re checking out possible wedding photographers, look for photos that show off the couples’ personalities or the range of emotions they may have felt going through the marriage process. Detail shots of gorgeous and great to have, but you’ll want to remember how you felt more than anything.

4. Are your personalities compatible?

It’s important to have a solid relationship with your photographer to ensure you’ll treasure your wedding photos forever. If you want to look back and remember how much fun your reception was, Burns suggests considering booking a big personality. Speaking from experience, he says capturing those authentic moments means having “to get right up in the action or photographing with a wide-angle lens while dancing to get epic shots,” so a more timid photographer may not be the best fit for you. Burns says having a big personality also helps when it comes to working with “a large crowd or multiple personality types on a wedding day.”

5. Does their style match what you’re going for?

If you’re looking for dark and moody, then a photographer who shoots light and airy likely isn’t the best match. Be thinking of what you want style appeals to you, and make sure the photographer you choose has examples of what you’re wanting. For example, Burns says he’s inspired by fashion and tries blending couture-style shooting with wedding photography, so a bride wanting an artistic photographer who pays special attention to flattering lights and angles to show off her wedding day look perfectly would be a great match.

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