Severed baby doll heads watched over a tombstone while bloody hand prints stamped a hanging white sheet. Cobwebs stretched across walls and clowns with sinister smiles occupied the dance floor.

On Oct. 13, Karen Wojtkiewicz-Granados and Tim Granados celebrated their love with a Halloween-themed wedding reception. Guests turned into ghouls and the Bellevue Eagles Club was transformed into an eerie sight.

After eight months of dating, Granados got on one knee and asked Wojtkiewicz to be his wife. Two years later, the two held a small wedding ceremony on July 13 in Blair and waited to hold their reception until Oct. 13.

With crisp air and colorful leaves, the couple figured if they were going to have a fall reception, it should have a spooky theme.

“I think the Halloween-themed reception was a perfect fit,” Wojtkiewicz-Granados said.

“It gave everyone who attended a time to let go and not have to conform to traditional wedding etiquette.”

When it came to decorating, Wojtkiewicz Granados said the couple had fun turning all of their Pinterest ideas into reality.

Most of the decor came from Goodwill. With a little paint, thrift goods became the things of nightmare.

They also had fun dressing for the occasion. Wojtkiewicz Granados dressed as a blood-thirsty vampire bride while her husband sported a long gray beard as a sensei.

During the wedding ceremony, Wojtkiewicz Granados wore a conservative dress. This time, she wanted something a little less tradition.

“I wanted to go a little bit more all out on this one, so I took advantage of it,” she said.

One of her favorite parts of the reception was watching her guests get into the spirit of Halloween.

From murderous clowns to quirky comic-book characters, Wojtkiewicz Granados said her guests enjoyed the theme.

“They absolutely loved it,” she said. “All that came had a great time.”

When she looks back on her big day, Wojtkiewicz Granados said she is happy they threw a reception their guests will remember forever.

“I would not have changed a thing,” she said.

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