Every Bride wants to look their best and shine on this day. This day will prove to be the most memorable of them all for the bride and groom where their fates are sealed together. Everyone wants to and its no wonder that they do look their best on their wedding day. But when it comes to picking their wedding dress and accessories, they need some guidance to select the best jewellery. We all love big fat Indian weddings. Every marriage ceremony in India includes rings, anklets, necklaces, bangles and bracelets made of gold. Jewellery adds more beauty, raises the bride’s status (which is an important factor for Indian families) and enhances her look indefinitely. Gold is one of the most commonly worn jewelleries in India and it has been so for 5,000 years. If you want to give an exquisite look or add a glamorous quotient to your aura, then choose the right gold jewellery. Granted that a bride is supposed to stick to the traditional look, but that shouldn’t hold her back from glamming it up with her favourite jewellery. If it is a South Indian wedding, then you are suggested to look for gold long necklace designs in 40 grams. It is no secret that south Indian families literally weight their brides in gold on their wedding day. If it is a north Indian wedding, then the bride can go for the polki set to give her a royal look. One should make sure that the necklace matches the neckline of the outfit.

We are happy to share with you important tips on buying wedding jewellery. The list is stated below.

  1. Always buy your jewellery before your wedding dress:

The bride should purchase dresses before the jewellery. It is one of the common mistakes committed by the bride. Make sure to buy your wedding jewellery first because gold is far more expensive than your clothing. One must always remember that the dress should highlight your jewellery. Whether it is a north Indian jewellery or south Indian jewellery, it should not diminish the value of the outfit.

  1. Pick correct jewellery according to the correct occasion:

We Indians participate in various ceremonies at weddings. So, the bride must make sure to choose the correct ornaments for the occasion. From Haldi to Mehendi ceremony, the bride has to wear light gold chains and earrings. So, it is completely wise to keep everything ready. During the engagement, try to keep jewellery as minimal as possible. Dazzle your look in a diamond necklace during the reception and cocktail party.  

  1. Feel comfortable:

You must choose the jewellery in which you feel comfortable. It is your big day, so make the most of it. You should avoid heavy earrings and necklace when you are required to dance. Every bride dreams of wearing jewellery with a unique touch which makes her feel and look different. Jewellery plays an important part during the wedding. It adds a glow to the look and changes the aura completely. The hairstyle depends on the earrings you choose for the wedding. For example, if you are opting for heavy jewellery, then you will have to tie up your hair in an up-do or a bun. If your hair is tied in plaits then lighter gold earrings with same gold necklace designs in 15 grams will suit you.


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