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Every week, more and more creative wedding ideas are invented. Every wedding planner wants to give their client a ‘talk of the town’ memorable wedding but sometimes it’s not about the hype. There are some simple things that can make any wedding a success, and these ideas are built around them.

Here are some memorable wedding ideas to try out:

Serve something local

We have become so westernized with almost everything, including our wedding food. Spice up the food menu by adding a local dish from your hometown (like these Igbo food) to delight your guests.

memorable wedding

(Photo: Visit Philly)

Fun playlists

While sending out the invitations, ask the guests to send in a song they would like to hear at the wedding as they RSVP. Compile the songs and use them as a playlist at the wedding reception. You can even compile your favourite songs in an iTunes or Spotify playlist (or a CD) and share with your guests.

Welcome cocktails

One thing people look forward to at weddings is the booze. Don’t make them wait until the food is served to get drinks, serve cocktails as the guests come into the reception. Cocktails can help the guests loosen up and relax, while they settle into the events.

memorable wedding

(Photo: ZUMI)

Photo Booths

The usual order of photography has gotten very cliché. Spice it up with a photo booth instead. It’s a fun way for guests to loosen up and be goofy, and you’ll get tons of pictures to remember the day by.

memorable wedding

(Photo: Photogenic Photobooth)

Late reception

Instead of heading to the reception venue right after the wedding ceremony (which most times is in the afternoon with the scorching sun), hold a late reception. Your guests can get rested and then come back for the party, imagine how much fun it’ll be.

memorable wedding

(Photo: Koko Weddings)

Once you’ve nailed the food, booze and entertainment, your wedding will definitely be a hit.

memorable wedding

(Photo: Rain Vedutti Photography)

Wedding entertainment is key, and these fun wedding games will make your reception off the chain.




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