Weddings, almost always an elaborate and expensive affair in India, can be stressful for guests too: ‘What do we gift the newlyweds?’
Most people end up recycling gifts like crockery sets, wall clocks and decorative statues, which end up being stacked away somewhere. 

The idea of a wedding registry is new to India: it helps guests choose gifts wisely. The practice is popular in Europe and the US. 

Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood star set to marry American singer Nick Jonas, shared a list of gifts she wants on the Amazon Wedding Registry.

Her list had possibly everything that the couple would need for their new home, from pet accessories and a GPS pet tracker to cooking, bed and bath, travel and home essentials.
 Krutika Bolaki, wedding planner, Canvas Events and Designs, says the concept is picking up in India.

One of her clients getting married in December has created a wishlist of things on Amazon. 

“The couple things relevant to their new life –from a toaster to a refrigerator, the list has it all. The best part is all these gifts are delivered directly, making it hassle-free both for the guests and the couple,” she says.
People are moving towards more meaningful gifting, and couples are getting over the embarrassment of asking.

“Some couples open a joint bank account and ask guests to transfer money rather than give gifts that won’t be used. It is a good practice. and is definitely picking up among millennials,” Krutika told Metrolife.

Sneha Suhas, stand-up comedian, is getting married in December. She is opting for an eco-friendly wedding, with an additional attraction being a dog adoption stall.

“We have made a wishlist for the puppies like puppy food, bedsheets, blankets and other essentials. This is the registry that I will be putting out for my guests, and it will help volunteers planning to adopt these pups,” says Sneha. 

She welcomes the idea of a wedding registry. “This will have a huge impact on the pass-on gift market which keeps moving from one wedding hall to another. I feel bad for those crockery sets. They have no future now!” she quips. 

Yogita Parekh, co-founder, Wishtry, a gift registry portal, says, “India is the biggest gifting country in the world, thanks to the many festivals and celebrations. Most of the time, people force their choices on the couple.” 

Young people are frank and when they know people are spending money on gifts, it is not a bad idea to ask for what is useful.

 Celebs like Priyanka Chopra are influencers and can definitely increase the popularity of wedding registries, she reckons.

Websites with registries

  • Amazon
  • Wishtry
  • For My Shaadi
  • The Yellow Door Store
  • MyThofa.com

What is a wedding registry?

It is a service offered usually by a website where engaged couples can list out their preference of gifts.

Guests can choose items on the website or elsewhere and order them for the couple. As and when the items are bought on an online store, the registry is updated.


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