Maddie & Tae have a whirlwind 2019 planned. In addition to serving as direct support to Carrie Underwood‘s Cry Pretty Tour 360, Maddie Marlow will be tying the knot to longtime boyfriend Jonah Font.

In an interview with Taste of Country Nights’ Sam Alex, Maddie & Tae shared some of the wedding plans for next year. Marlow’s duet partner, Taylor Dye, will serve as a bridesmaid.

“We’re gonna do it in Nashville next November because we’re going out on tour with Carrie which is so exciting!” Marlow exclaims. “A huge blessing with the tour and a huge blessing getting married. We moved our wedding date a couple times—one for the Carrie tour and one for the CMAs.”

Marlow says it’s easier to cut down the guest list by having their nuptials in Music City, as she and her fiancé have a lot of family in Texas. They’re expecting about 150 people.

Her bridal party will include seven bridesmaids—Dye as well as the duo’s merch girl will take part in the singer’s big day. Marlow’s younger sister, childhood best friend and Font’s three sisters will round out her bridal party.

Dye already has a few ideas on Marlow’s bachelorette party but promises it won’t be too extravagant. “I do have some tricks up my sleeve. She wanted something chill. We’re not gonna do pedal tavern, no way,” she asserts.

Marlow admits that she doesn’t want flowers at her wedding because the thought of throwing them all away at the end of the day makes her sad. She’s not sure who will officiate either, although Dye has suggested her brother, Mason, whom she says will “officiate me.”

Don’t get excited—Dye isn’t engaged yet. But, Marlow hints that it won’t be much longer before she is. “She’s not far behind,” Marlow says.

Dye admits that when she does get engaged, she wants to get married very soon after. A long engagement just isn’t for her. And, while Marlow is still fleshing out the details of her big day, there is one thing she’s sure about.

“I don’t want anyone playing at our wedding, so it doesn’t feel music industry-ish,” she says of the idea of a fellow musician performing at their reception. “I’d be down for a mariachi band at the end of the night.”

Maddie & Tae’s new single, “Friends Don’t,” is out now. Their sophomore album is expected early next year.

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