As far as bridal jewelry goes, your engagement ring is undoubtedly the focal point. And while it’s the one special bauble that signifies your relationship as a bride-to-be, once you’ve said ‘I do’, a wedding band is an equally special ring to add into the mix. If you’re all about a bingy ring look, a baguette wedding band is a stunning choice if you’re all about some show-stopping sparkle.

Whether your engagement ring style is timeless, modern, vintage, or fashion-forward, a wedding band should be an equally special and complimentary silhouette. Whether you have a shimmering solitaire diamond, cluster of gemstones, or three-stone engagement ring, baguette wedding bands come in a variety of styles and shapes from eternity bands with a single row of baguette stones to bands with alternating stone shapes that include baguettes and modern band styles with tapered or fanned baguettes.

The first step in establishing what style of baguette wedding band is right for you is figuring out whether you want to stack your wedding band with your engagement ring or wear it separately on your right finger and move your engagement ring over to your left (or vice versa, you do you). If you’re going to stack your rings, wedding “suites” as their commonly referred to are a great way to make your stack feel unique whether you need an arched baguette design to compliment a round, oval, or pear-shaped engagement ring, or a V-shaped band to properly situate next to a marquise or shield-cut stone. There are even baguette bands specifically cut to sit alongside angular stones like a square, emerald, radiant, Asscher, or hexagon cut. Or, you can get an enhancer ring with two rows of baguettes that sit on the top and bottom of your engagement ring for a super blingy look.

If you’re separating your two rings, the sky’s the limit in terms of baguette bands whether you want an ultra-slim band with a single baguette stone or a thick, glittering style with rows (and rows) of diamonds. For a glitzy, eye-catching look, a wave, X-shaped, or thick, retro-style baguette band will really shimmer and shine. Sure, coupled with an engagement ring, these styles are a lot of look. But you can easily wear just your band or your engagement on days when you want to tone things down or as your mood changes. Can’t go wrong with options! If you’re not the type to want a traditional engagement ring at all, a spectacular band may be all you need as an achingly chic alternative for modern brides.

From classic eternity bands to glitzy modern takes, scroll through our edit of 62 extraordinary baguette wedding bands for every style and budget.

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