Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch fell for one another last summer during Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, but things got a bit rocky when he split up with her right before the finale. Luckily, the two quietly reconnected on their own after filming ended and they’ve been going strong ever since. Now, they’re ready for a big next step in their relationship as she’s officially moving from Florida to Canada to be with him.

Since their Bachelor in Paradise finale aired, Astrid and Kevin have been spending a lot of time together in Canada where he lives. As the Inquisitr previously detailed, they shared that over the winter she would probably move to Canada and now it’s time for that to happen. Loch explained that she’s originally from Germany and has moved many times already, so leaving the United States and relocating to Canada wouldn’t be all that big a deal for her.

Astrid had some big trips planned for the fall, but before she took off, she and Kevin had shared that they had put in an offer on a new place for the two of them to share. Based on what Wendt has shared via social media in the past, he’s already had a nice place in Toronto. However, as is often the case with couples, it seems they wanted a place new to both of them.

On Tuesday, Loch shared some updates via her Instagram page and she’s truly making the move now. The Bachelor in Paradise star explained that six months ago, she quit her job and packed up her apartment so she could take a big chance. She did all that, headed off to Mexico to film the show, and now the storage pod with her stuff is headed up to Canada to join her when she arrives separately.

Loch also shared a couple of quick clips via her Instagram Stories showing that she’s on the road. It looks like she’s got a few things packed into her car with a couple of helpers and may be making the long drive from Tampa to Toronto. She joked about how Wendt told her she needed to downsize and she maybe didn’t downsize much, but it doesn’t look as if she’s bringing all that much with her for this major move.

Earlier this month when Astrid was back in Toronto with Kevin briefly, the two got out to get a small Christmas tree. Wendt shared via his Instagram page that it was a small tree, but a big Christmas. This will be the first Christmas together for the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds, and fans hope that it’s the first of many more to come.

Astrid and Kevin are not yet engaged like fellow Bachelor in Paradise stars Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone are, but they definitely are doing well and going strong. Season 5 also saw Joe Amabile and Kendall Long continue their relationship off-screen and he recently moved permanently to California to be with her. Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper flamed out before the finale was even over, but otherwise, this past season looks like one of the strongest in terms of lasting relationships that the franchise has had in its history.

Fans love Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt together and can’t wait to see updates of the two of them officially settled into their new place together in Toronto. Which Season 5 Bachelor in Paradise couple will have wedding bells ringing first? There’s nothing certain on that front yet but it looks likely that at least one wedding will come eventually.


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