Rings can be simple or ornate, there is no jewellery box that comes without a set of dazzling rings, as they are the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Rings can be social, symbolic or simply aesthetic in function and are always a reflection of their time. They say a lot about the wearer’s beliefs, tastes and sense of style. Although wedding rings, engagement rings and signet rings are the most famous, there are other rings as well which are subtle, yet elegant to wear.

Flexi rings
The minimal, yet striking flexi rings cater to women who like to combine different fashion styles. These rings are a combination of contemporary jewellery designs with classic elements, making it suitable for everyday wear. You can wear it solo for a minimalistic look and stack multiple rings to make a fashion statement.

Twin rings
These rings are #twinninggoals. They are the perfect fit for each other. These rings add a unique charisma to your everyday style and there will never be a dull day or a boring outfit with these Twin rings. You can style them individually or even stack them with multiple rings to up your style game.

Mangalsutra rings
An ode to the modern-day bride, the classic mangalsutra got a stylish new twist with these babies. These mangalsutra rings are a perfect mix of tradition and style.

Mood rings
These rings were extremely popular in the late ’70s, and resurface frequently. The idea behind a mood ring is simple: wear it on your finger and it will reflect the state of your emotions. The ring’s stone should be dark blue, if you’re happy, and it supposedly turns black, if you are anxious or stressed. While mood rings cannot really reflect your mood with any real scientific accuracy, they actually are indicators of your body’s involuntary physical reaction to your emotional state.

Claddagh ring

The ring consists of a heart with a crown held by two hands – symbolising love, loyalty and friendship. The designs and traditions associated with it originated in the Irish fishing village in Galway, where it was first produced in 17th century. The Claddagh rings are sometimes used as friendship rings, but they are mostly used for wedding and engagements.

Promise rings
These rings are a sign of commitment between two people. Often, it is the first token of a serious relationship which is just blossoming. It is also a symbol of joint commitment which is not related to love.


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