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Creating hashtags for weddings is an interesting trend that we know has come to stay. It’s not only fun, but it also gives you and your partner a trademark for your wedding that will last on the internet for a long time.

We also know that finding the perfect hashtag for your wedding can be daunting, so we’re here to make it less rocket science and more fun. Here’s how to create wedding hashtags without unnecessary stress:

Use names

Obviously, but sometimes it might be difficult. If using the first letters of your name don’t cut it, you can try picking any letters from your names or nicknames. It doesn’t always have to be the first letters, any cute mashup will do too.

Add numbers

Sometimes when you both have common names and you’re having a hard time finding a hashtag you haven’t heard a gazillion times, you can just throw in some numbers. Some people use the year of the wedding, but if you don’t want that, a string of numbers that mean something will do like #AdaObiR1.

Use puns

Another way to add some fun to your wedding hashtag is to use some wordplay. It could be synonyms, rhymes or inside jokes, then you add them to your names or initials. Eg: #ISquared when your names both begin with I. It could even be a sentence!

Avoid easy misspellings

When you come up with your hashtags, read it in different ways so that you can pinpoint obvious ways that it can be misspelled or it can get confusing. The solution is usually to swap or shorten the names as the case may be. Eg #JolaAndTiti would be better as #TitiAndJola or #Jola&Titi because of the ‘a’ that ends ‘Jola‘ and starts ‘and‘.

Capitalize first letters

This helps people identify what you’re trying to say. Doing this will help people get the idea especially when you’re using names and adding a pun or joke. It’s not set in stone as your hashtags will still come out great if you don’t capitalize it.

Use a hashtag generator

A hashtag generator is a tool that helps you find suitable hashtags when you input your names and the year of the wedding. It just plays around with the letters and finds nice words. You can keep trying different names until you find one that you love.

Don’t overthink it

As much as you want to create wedding hashtags that are unique and remembered forever, don’t let it give you a headache. There are really no perfect wedding hashtags or one that’s not good enough. If you and your partner like it, that’s all that matters in the end.

Here’s to your #HappyEverAfter!

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