new year's eve wedding

The New Year is almost upon us! Most couples think it’s not a good idea to have a wedding on New Year’s Eve because it is usually filled with so much activity. However, weddings and New Year celebrations have a lot in common: dressing up, drinking, dancing and having fun.

So instead of seeing your wedding as a hindrance to other people’s parties, see it as another party to ring in the New Year! What’s a better way to usher in a New Year than a new phase in life?

You should consider these tips for a beautiful New Year’s Eve wedding:

Plan early

All weddings need early and adequate planning but a New Year’s Eve wedding needs extra preparation. There are a lot of celebrations so you’ll be competing for space, vendors and even with other couples who want the same thing you do. You also need to tell your friends and family on time so they can clear their calendar for your special day.

new year's eve wedding

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Hire a planner

Wedding planners generally make wedding planning easier. You’ll need them the most this time of the year because your planner might be able to find alternative solutions to last minute changes or cancels and help you with cheaper options.

Be ready to pay more

We know nobody wants to hear this, but you’ll most likely spend more money because most prices are hiked for the holidays. So, even if you made your plans and budget earlier in the year, just add some extra money to your budget so you’re not taken unawares.

new year's eve wedding

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If your wedding is in town, you have to consider traffic because a lot of people will be on the road. So, consider setting your activities at a time when the traffic is least, and finding drivers that know the fastest routes in the area.

Honour the holiday

Wondering what theme to use for your wedding? New Year’s Eve! You can tap into the glitzy holiday with some sparkle here and there. Sequins and frills will also make a glam addition to your second dress (if you plan to change). You can also consider a late evening reception so you can do a midnight countdown with your guests.

new year's eve wedding

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Don’t forget to appreciate your vendors for being available over the holidays, and have a fun wedding.

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