Fashion experts predict trends and styles to look forward to this year.

From bright floral prints to block patterns, monochromes to eye-soothing pastels, layering to ruffles and tassels, the year 2018 saw a lot of experimenting with various styles, and the fashion fever doesn’t show signs of cooling down anytime soon. According to fashion experts, this new year will also see some new trends and old revivals.

Out with the bling

But before getting a fresh start, there are always some trends that need to be left behind, and according to fashion designer Ritu Kumar, this year it will be the over-embroidery style. She says, “I think there’s is too much overdoing of embroidery, now the trend should be very much classic.” From red carpets to magazine covers and even wedding attire, embroidery has been the go-to technique of many designers to add delicate details to their outfit. On the other hand, Nachiket Barve feels that slogan t-shirts should retire. He says, “Slogan t-shirts are done to death. And I think also OTT bling wear which overshadows the person is also overdone.” Slogan T-shirts were a big hit among the millennials in 2018 while sequined bling dresses were a party favourite.

Blast from the past

Most styles that have been trending recently have been borrowed from the past, whether it is the off-shoulder trend from the ’60s or the chokers from the ’90s as yesteryears have made an impression on the fashion fraternity. Talking about trends that could make a comeback this year, designer Amy Billimoria says, “Floral vintage is like a full cycle, it never goes out of style and is repeated in various manners, so I think the floral vintage pattern is going to be repeated in 2019 as well.” Bright floral prints on a soft pastel background, floral vintage dresses were a big hit in the ’50s and have found their way back every few years in different ways. Talking about prints, Amy tells us about a new type of technique she is experimenting with, “We should experiment with newer techniques of printing and styling in 2019. Maybe print on print, that is something new that I am trying, where you’re printing a print and then overprinting it with another print.” Pairing two prints have always been a tricky affair even for the professionals, so it will be interesting to see this new technique make debut in the recent future.

Gender benders

Another experimental trend to look forward to this year would be genderless clothing. Nachiket explains the concept saying, “When you talk about genderfluid outfits, it doesn’t mean men have to wear a dress or women have to wear a masculine thing. It’s really about silhouettes which can be layered and worn by anybody. In small ways, we see the trend already happening, you see men wearing pink or florals, it’ll definitely trend but it’ll take some time.”  Amy Billimoria agrees and says, “I think not for the Indian fashion scenario, but the abroad, genderfluid outfits are taking a very big scale because they are people opting for it.”

Being sporty

Quirky trends are always a hit on social media and one of the recent ones in terms of fashion is the athleisure and the pajama outfit which many Bollywood celebrities are seen sporting. A very smart and effortless choice when travelling, they are comfy but tricky to style. According to designer duo Saaksha and Kinni, “The comfort and ease of sporting athleisure will ensure the trend continues to survive. The look is easy, chic and understated, three important elements that prove the test of time. The pajama trend may become diluted in the coming year – being such a strong bold trend, it’s difficult to keep recycling the look.”

Accessories to try

Amy- Anklets paired with denim

Nachiket- Mixed metal jewellery

Saaksha & Kinni- Statement hats



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