Weddings are always considered as special days in the lives of every couple. This is because it marks a day when the couple make their union official.

But despite all the happiness that comes with it, there is a bit of a downside when it comes to budgeting for the occasion.

Many couples struggle with budgeting and end up overspending when it comes to plans for their wedding.

5 ways to plan your wedding on a low budget

5 ways to plan your wedding on a low budget
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However, there are many ways you can cut down cost and actually plan your wedding on a low budget.

Below are five ways to a low budget wedding:

1.      Buy a moderate gown

There is a reason why couples planning a low budget wedding are advised to purchase moderate gowns.

This is because the gown can only be worn once – which is on the wedding day – and therefore it is only right to spend wisely.

This does not mean that you should get your wife an unattractive gown for the wedding, it only means get a nice gown but one you can that won’t sink your account.

2.      Pay less attention to decoration

 It is understandable that you want the venue for your wedding to look appealing but that should not make you overspend.

The main event is the wedding and that is what the people attending will be focused on.

Many of them will not ever remember the colour of the designs or décor when the event is finally over. Go for appealing, not expensive decorations.

3.      Plan your food/drinks according to attendees

One of the main reasons why many couples overspend on their weddings is the amount set aside for foods and drinks.

You may want to serve buffets at your wedding, but make sure you have a fair idea of the number of attendees.

By this, you don’t order so much food and drinks that some may go waste after the event. You will save money too.

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4.      No extravagant jewelleries

It’s your big day, but it doesn’t mean you should make decision that will completely drain your bank account afterwards.

Jewelleries are very important when it comes to weddings, but what should be top of your priorities are the rings.

Necklaces and bracelets are secondary and, in honesty, no one would even know how much you spent on your jewelleries, so why bother spending so much.

5.      Narrow expenditure on photography

In this age of social media, budgeting for photography and videography has almost become a must for every wedding.

However, try to cut down your expenditure to as low as you can. There will always be an option to have it cheaper somewhere.

Go for the cheapest option but just make sure the photographer is professional enough to deliver quality photos of the event.

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