We’ve all been there. Either you said, did, or didn’t do something, and you need to make up for it. Or maybe it’s a friend, family member, colleague or client who you simply want to show appreciation towards.

You go out of your way. Look up these beautiful flowers online (maybe even from a designer Vera Wang collection of sorts) from a vendor that shall remain unnamed, but let’s just say their brand sounds like your calling a hotline of sorts… and then you wait to hear the person’s reaction… Nothing. Even worse, when you reach out to ask… you find out that they never received them. Or, they got them but they were either dying, not quite what you picked out and paid for, or missing a piece of some sort. Like a stuffed animal or something.

Those days are over! Go local. Especially when Toronto city is filled with incredible florists.

Top 5 Florists to order your next Bouquet Gift

1. Tonic Blooms

If you’re looking for something to really make an impression, Tonic Blooms is it. They’re not your typical florist, as their bouquets are a little unconventional. I personally love their fun bouquet names, like Farm Boy which I recently used on a Valentine’s Day Gifting tv segment. They mix up flowers you wouldn’t typically see together, and to top it off, they wrap them up in their signature denim wrap which is the perfect touch. Especially if the recipient is into fashion or denim specifically in any way. Although they don’t have a physical location in Toronto, they deliver all across the city, and they have a beautiful packaging that really does protect them from arriving like a disaster.

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2. Wild North Flowers

A small, independent flower studio located in downtown Toronto. Their design style is natural and elegant, with that “fresh from the garden” look. They buy directly from local growers so their flowers are always fresh. Arrangements are made using fresh seasonal blooms and foliage. You pick the vase type, size and colour palette, they do the rest. Alternatively they do offer a hand tied bouquet option without a vase as well. Free Toronto delivery, and the rest of the GTA for $12. You can order online until midnight for next-day delivery, 7 days a week. If that special someone is worth that monthly reminder, or maybe it’s a treat for yourself, they also offer a monthly subscription too.

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3. Sweetpea’s

An eco-focused floral studio located in Roncesvalles Village (also known as Ronci). Sweetpea’s is dedicated to quality, design and service. They offer custom floral creations. Focusing on eco and socially responsible floral design. Sweetpea’s offers same-day fresh flower delivery throughout Toronto & the GTA. Offer weekly discounts and have a subscription service too.

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4. Quince Flowers

Based in Riverdale, Quince Flowers are known for their custom wedding arrangements. They also stock terrariums, and hand-tied bouquet of exotic flowers. Having worked with them before, I can vouch that their team is very experienced florists who you can see truly have a passion for what they do. But if you’re looking for a quick online buy, you’re not going to find it here. Quince Flowers approaches floral design the analogue way – talking to customers over the phone (or in person). Order with a live person over the phone, and avoid error or misrepresentation online. Kudos to that!

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5. King West Flowers

As their name states, their shop is on King West. They always have a good selection of fresh cut flowers and bouquets. The prices are decent. Deliver in Toronto and the GTA is $14.00. They do both your simple hand-tied and vase bouquets as well. One thing to note is that they do have a substitution policy that allows them to replace any flowers you see in your bouquet based on availability, for something of equal or greater value. So if you are keen on getting something exact, I would suggest reaching out to ensure they have it in stock.

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Notable Mentions: Not Your Average Flower Delivery Service

Melissa Andre Blooms Boxes

If you don’t know of Melissa Andre, or follow her on Instagram (then what rock have you been living under) then we highly recommend you look her up. But let’s just say she puts on some pretty insane parties for some pretty cool people — to say the least. If not familiar with her, you have definitely come across the Instagram sensation of boxed flowers. They’re stunning! They also tend to preserve the flowers longer, and you can actually close off the box and let the flowers dry out in place, and last lifetime — making them that much more valuable! Her site seems to be built in USD, but ranging from $119 (9 blooms) to $499 (49 blooms) which coverts to about $150 and up, it’s totally worth it — so why not show that special someone that they are too. 😉

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Vivid Arrangements

You may have heard of them from some past mention from us before. But Vivid Arrangements offers a unique service offer we haven’t seen anywhere else in Canada. They allow you to print directly on the flowers. So whether you are looking to send a message with a single rose, or a bouquet saying how much you care in a dozen different languages of the world. The options are endless. They can also colour the flowers and then print them on top too. Think black roses with white logos or messaging. Now that’s #Instaworthy, right?

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Hope this comes in handy.
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