Some of the “fun, frivolous gifts” Santos put on his registry.
Photo: Courtesy Retailers

Some couples worry about what kitchen essentials to put on their wedding registry, but Noa Santos, co-founder and CEO of interior design company Homepolish, and his husband, Ross Matsubara, weren’t concerned. “Ross and I have all the necessities,” Santos says — so instead, they registered for things they loved but wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Thanks to Santos’s design background, he’s got a particular eye for décor pieces. “It was more fun, frivolous gifts that we really like, rather than flatware or forks or something,” Santos says. In case you’re looking for the kinds of accent pieces you might want to put on your own wedding registry — or are trying to buy a wedding gift for a couple with a very nice apartment — we talked to Santos about his choices.

Billy Cotton Candlestick


at Billy Cotton

“Billy [Cotton] is an interior designer here in New York, based out of Brooklyn, and whenever possible, I like to support other interior designers,” said Santos. Cotton’s line includes furniture and lighting fixtures, but Santos was charmed by these glass candlesticks. “Obviously, we wanted to be mindful that you have to have, on your registry, a range of things. You don’t want to only have $500 things,” he said. “So I think the candlesticks struck me as something that was extremely affordable. I was actually kind of surprised, given Billy’s normal price point for things.” And even though these were among the least expensive items on the registry, they’re definitely getting used. “I love the pieces,” says Santos. “They’re still front and center.”

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