Naagin 3

Screen grab from ‘Naagin 3’.&nbsp

Behir fans have a reason to celebrate. Bela and Mahir have reunited once again. The tied the nuptial knot to become man and wife after a brief separation. On the one hand, Bela marries Mahir, and on the other, Roohi exchanges marital vows with Krish. Roohi thinks that she has deceived Bela, but it is the other way around. 

Bela and Roohi have an altercation after the wedding ceremony over the property. Bela refuses to move out of the mansion stating that she owns half of the property. Finally, after weeks of separation, Mahir and Bela spend some “couple” time together. Mahir promises to be by her side throughout. 

Meanwhile, Roohi tells Krish (Mahir) that he must fool Bela by convincing her that he loves her, but she is oblivious of the fact that the person she has got married to is Juhi (Juhi poses as Mahir during the wedding ceremony). Roohi asks Mahir (Juhi) to mix poisonous syrup to Bela’s food, but the latter informs her sister about it. Later, to find out who Roohi and Hukum are, Bela and Mahir chase her as she moves towards the haveli.

They see Roohi entering a magical cave that doesn’t let any stranger pass through it. Maahir refuses to let Bela get inside it, but she requests her to help him complete her mission. Bela transforms into a butterfly to enter the cave to know who Hukum and Roohi are. After entering the cave, Bela reveals her real avatar to confront Hukum and Roohi. To see Hukum’s face, Bela showcases her strength and while doing so, sees Hukum’s reflection in the water but before she could get hold of him, he vanishes.

Unfortunately, Bela gets trapped in a fake fire ring. She feels she gets surrounded by fire, but in reality, it is an illusion. Mahir enters the cave with a fire stick in his hand to help Bela, but she asks him not to get closer to the fire ring.

Not being able to see Bela in distress, Mahir jumps into the fire to save her.

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