Part of the viewer outrage that erupted around this scene was more plot-focused. It seemed to reverse the narrative direction of Jamie being on a redemption arc. People were just starting to like Jaime and they felt betrayed. Very few of the fans so concerned about Jaime’s narrative arc had as much to say about Cersei’s.

There have of course been ongoing objections to the sexual politics of Westeros — a place where women are repeatedly threatened with rape and in fact are raped quite a lot. What could be the reason for turning an instance of consensual sex in the books into what appears to be yet another rape in the show? Answer still awaited.

You have more lingering questions!

I have confusion over Daenerys’ provenance. She says her father was the Mad King, yet we know that Elia Martell was the Mad King’s wife, had two children with him, and all three of them were murdered by the Mountain. So who was Dany’s mother? It’s suggested that Dany is Jon Snow’s “aunt” or something like that, but if her father was the Mad King, and Jon’s father was the Mad King, too, then they are half siblings, with the same father. So what’s the real story? Help! — Roberta Smoodin

I’ve been grappling with Jon’s lineage for a while. I don’t buy that he’s a Targaryen. His hair gives ample evidence that he could be Robert Baratheon’s son. Why did George R.R. Martin go to such great lengths regarding hair color as it pertains to lineages just to abandon it now? How can Jon Snow with his curly black (Baratheon-like) hair come from a Targaryen (white blonde) and a Tully (brown/red)? It doesn’t make sense. Also, now Jon would be Dany’s nephew? — Susan Keating

Let’s tackle these two lineage queries together, and hopefully sort through the confusion before Jon and Dany continue the Targaryen family tradition of incest any further! King Aerys II, the Mad King, was Dany’s dad. But he was not married to Elia Martell — he was married to his own sister, Rhaella. Rhaella had three children — Rhaegar (the crown prince), Viserys and then Dany — but died from complications during Dany’s birth. Rhaegar was the one who married Elia Martell, and they had two children together, daughter Rhaenys and son Aegon. But Rhaegar abandoned Elia and the kids to run off with Lyanna Stark, with whom he had his third kid and her first.

Rhaegar (a Targaryen) and Lyanna (a Stark, not a Tully) could have blonde or brunette kids, but the chance of white blonde was slimmer than brunette since the lighter hair color is a recessive gene. In this case, the dominant gene (darker hair) won out, giving Jon more of the Stark coloring. (“The seed is strong.”) Although Lyanna was betrothed to Robert before running off with Rhaegar, this was not Robert’s baby. Rather, Lyanna made her brother Ned (and Robert’s BF) promise to protect the baby from Robert. “If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You know he will,” she told Ned on her death bed as she, too, died from childbirth. The new regime would have to wipe out the Targaryen line. And so Ned changed the kid’s birth name (Aegon Targaryen) to a bastard name of the North (Jon Snow) and claimed him as his own. Jon is roughly nine months older than Dany, but she is his paternal aunt.

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