Social media star Jackie Oshry had Michael Strahan dancing the horah, a full-on ‘Greatest Showman’ sing-along and an outfit change at her gorgeous wedding. She talks to HL about the amazing event.

Her Instagram handle maybe @JackieOProblems, but on her wedding day, Jackie Oshry says that everything was perfect. The redhead, who can be seen daily next to her sister, Claudia Oshry, on their fan-favorite YouTube show The Morning Toast, opened up to HollywoodLife about her “fairytale” nuptials that took place on February 17. “I had the best time. I was also so happy when it was over and that it went so well, because I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I have no regrets and just look back on it so fondly,” Jackie admitted. When it came to planning the big day, Jackie worked with Birch Event Design and Mike Russo and said that her new husband, Zach Weinreb, was also involved in the little, perfect details. “He started out not being involved, as I’m sure most men do, but he he actually has a really great design eye, so when it came to the decor, I wanted him to take the lead because for me, my philosophy was I’ve never seen an ugly wedding. I’m really big on themes, so I was just like, ‘As long as we can relate the theme back to a Disney movie, I can sleep at night.’”

She continued, “It’s so funny because Zack and I used to go back and forth on how much attention to detail we wanted to pay because I’m actually a pretty detailed oriented person, but compared to him, I am easy breezy. So a lot of the details actually came together really last minute. It was final touches that we thought would be nice and they actually became really big focal points for the wedding.” Jackie did get her wish when it came to the theme, and the couple partied surrounded by enchanting Frozen-inspired decor. “We thought about Beauty and the Beast, we thought about Frozen, we thought about Wizard of Oz, Emerald City, we thought about Greatest Showman, which we wound up tying in — not in an aesthetic way, but in a spirited way — but we came back to the Frozen idea at the last minute,” Jackie explained. “Knowing we were getting married in the winter, I always wanted a Frozen-themed wedding and I don’t think winter wonderland is cliché. To me, it makes sense. You’re getting married in February, it’s winter wonderland.”

Not only was the party filled with stunning references to our favorite Arendelle sisters, but it was attended by celebs like Bachelor alum Corinne Olympios, comedian Heather McMahan, and, of course, Michael Strahan, who may or may not be a professional Horah dancer. “Men and women do the hora separately, so I didn’t see it in real life and then I saw the video and it was just so funny and fun,” Jackie recalled. “I was very good about just being present and in it. It was like all the work is done. I am here to party!”

Be sure to catch Jackie on The Morning Toast, every weekday morning at 10:30 AM Eastern Time on YouTube. Plus, follow her on social media at @jackieoproblems for some hysterical content and major outfit inspo.

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