It’s the shiniest Instagram attraction in Manhattan. Since opening in March, shoppers, diners and gawkers have streamed to Hudson Yards, the borough’s “biggest, newest, slickest gated community,” as Michael Kimmelman, the architecture critic of The New York Times put it.

On a recent Friday afternoon, we stopped by its five-story retail center, stuffed with luxury boutiques and upscale restaurants, to chat with visitors and see what they were wearing.

Age: 70

Occupation: retired massage therapist

Tell me about those baubles around your neck.

I’m a little clairvoyant, and I knew this was going to happen today. This is most elegant thing. My former client Andrea bestowed me with an amber necklace. And nobody knows what the blue and yellow one is. Maybe a nut. Cartier couldn’t figure it out.

You glasses remind me of Iris Apfel’s.

People say, “Iris Apfel.” They should say, “Laura de la Torre.”

Despite spring, you’re still in a winter coat.

This is mink-lined and etched, from Matthew Kirshner furs — unfortunately he’s passed away. And then the carapace, which is the outside, is a raincoat. Because of the bits of mink on the outside on the neck, you don’t need a scarf.

More jewelry on your hands.

This bracelet is vintage Bakelite. And the ring is vintage “junk-e-lite,” but it looks great.

Age: 34

Occupation: fabric manager for Coach

You’re doing a spring look. Tell me about the sweater.

It’s actually from H&M.

How do you work in fabric sourcing and then buy fast fashion?

I think there has to be a balance between the fast fashion and the higher luxury brands. For example, my dress is Alexander Wang and my boots are Coach. There’s a blend.

The hem of the dress is interesting.

It’s actually a T-back dress. It’s an acetate blend, raw cut at the edge. And it’s machine washable.

I noticed that women are showing their socks outside of their boots.

Socks are very in right now. These are from Uniqlo, and they’re actually my husband’s.

Does he mind that you take his socks?

Of course he minds. But I wash them.

Age: 23

Occupation: student and theater usher

When and why did you decide to color your hair?

Last month. It’s burgundy. It used to be half black and half blond. Then blond. Then pink. Then purple. Then green, blue.

Tell be about this big beige coat.

I’m not sure if it belonged to my mom or my uncle, but I found it and took it. It’s well kept.

What’s on your feet?

The Nike Air Force, Supreme collab. White, black, simple.

Are your sweatpants for style or comfort or both?

Comfort and style. These are Nike tech fleece: They’re comfy but also say that you’re not too lazy.

Your look is far from lazy.

I think socks are cool. They’re comfortable. And they’re rainbow so they’re pretty, too.


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