Wedding photographers have been discussing what they describe as the biggest “red flags” when shooting a couple on their big day that signify the marriage is unlikely to last. Taking place on a Reddit thread (where else?), many of the contributors agreed on tell-tale signs of a doomed partnership.

Fighting On The Day

It’s definitely not ideal, and it’s probably a sign of things to come, but managing to have an argument on the wedding day itself is high up this list. One contributor talked about how maintaining respect, both for each other as well as the photographer, during a stressful day was a “good indicator” of being able to tackle problems further into the marriage.

A photographer duo wrote:

The one couple we hope we never see again fought the entire wedding day. The couple barely looked at each other, it was so bad. Then we had to Photoshop a smile onto the groom a couple of times so he at least looked happy in the ceremony of all things. I have no idea if they are together still but I would say not.

Trying To Change Who Their Partner Is

Believe it or not, some couples make it to their wedding day whilst still trying to control their partners wants and needs.

On meeting couples before the big day to discuss requirements, one photographer wrote:

I try to get to know both people beforehand so I can work in their hobbies/unique traits into my product. A big red flag is when one person is clearly trying to change the other. I had one dude who loved poker, craft beer, cigars, hanging with his rowdy friends, video games, etc. I planned a cool shoot where I had all his friends in an old west saloon, and he sees his bride to be, etc… but she steps in and declares “Oh, he won’t be doing any of those things any more. Poor b*****d just sat there in silence as I awkwardly had to plan them shopping for a Yorkie puppy instead. Halfway through post production after the wedding, he called and said he was getting an annulment. I wanted to say “could have told ya so!” but I try to stay neutral.

Getting Married Outdoors

One user name-dropped a popular outdoor venue he’s shot at many times – appropriately titled Omen Meadows – which he claims has a 100 per cent divorce rate.

Apparently, even without the prophetic name, this superstition rings true. It seems many other professionals saw the post and confessed outdoor weddings they too had photographed had a terrible success rate. “Just try to be under some sort of cover. Whether it be rain or wind, you’ll want some kind of protection from the elements – or it could lead to unnecessary fighting on the day,” one advised. 

You can see the full article with further talking points here.

Lead image credit: David Thomaz on Unsplash.

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