All brides, they say, are different, but they all know what look they want to achieve . . . even if they don’t know exactly what they want.  

That’s where Karon Breckon comes in. At least where flowers are concerned. Karon runs Meadows and Mulberry, an independent wedding florist service based right here in the city – and she loves it.

The sign for Meadows and Mulberry, an independent Sheffild wedding florist. Designed by Illustrations by Molly, a Sheffield artist.

The sign for Meadows and Mulberry, an independent Sheffild wedding florist. Designed by Illustrations by Molly, a Sheffield artist.

“Wedding flowers are so inspiring,” she said.

“Every flower chosen for a bouquet or a centre piece has meaning for the couple, whether it’s because a certain flower is a parent’s favourite or they can remember smelling another flower in their grandma’s garden.

“Sometimes, of course, flowers are picked because they go with a wedding colour scheme, but even then they can have lovely names that come to mean something to the couple, such as a beautiful orange dahlia which is called loved of my life. I just think that’s wonderful.

“I love doing doing wedding flowers, I find it so inspirational and it’s lovely to talk to the brides and grooms and make something unique to them – and then to see the faces of the brides when you bring them their finished bouquet on the day.”

Karon has been running her business since May 2018, and in that time her reputation has grown and she now has a diary full of weddings. The slogan of the company is #CaptivatedByTheSeasons.

She said: “These are special flowers for a special occasion, but it’s also important to me that we use flowers that are available in the seasons and reflect the time of year.

“It’s also important to me that we use British flowers in our bouquets, and use local suppliers too because I want to support other businesses and traders.”

Karon is very passionate about flowers and the customers she provides for.

She said: “It’s a privilege to be a part of a couple’s big day, and of course we do what the brides and grooms want, but quite often they are no sure exactly what that is, so I enjoy being able to use my expertise as a florist to help them find something beautiful.

“I create naturally romantic designs, filled with texture. We like to use flowers that are a little bit different.”

There are so many flowers brides and grooms can choose from, from the rose that is widely regarded as the classic floral symbol of love, to the peony, the carnation, the dahlia and lily of the valley.

One thing you can be sure of is that Karon puts her love and passion in to every bouquet she makes.

You can meet Karon in May, at a wedding fayre at Cusworth Hall on May 19 between 11am and 3pm. 

If you would like to book a consultation with Karon Breckon at Meadows and Mulberry to discuss the flowers you would like for your wedding, you can visit her website at www.meadowsandmulberry.co.uk and fill in the online contact form. You can also search ‘@meadowsandmulberry on Instagram and Facebook.


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