And by some miracle of timing, the copper sculptures on the spire also escaped a fiery end — they were removed for restoration just days before the blaze.

Go deeper: As France struggles to cope with recent social and political unrest, the symbolism of the blaze was hard to miss, our architecture critic writes.

One of the world’s largest countries heads into presidential elections today, facing an important choice: Continue with the low-key, steady leadership of President Joko Widodo or switch to his opponent, Prabowo Subianto.

The Times ran publicly available images of people who work near a New York City park and a day’s worth of surveillance camera footage through a commercially available facial recognition service. It cost less than $100 and was all completely legal.

It was 1984, in Monterey, Calif. Steve Jobs brought the first Apple Macintosh. Lucasfilm showed 3-D graphics. And a Sony executive gave a musical demonstration of the compact disc (with samples).


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