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Wedding season is rolling through, and it’s in your best interest to have a suit (or a few) on hand that you feel comfortable throwing on for the big day. Or, any event for that matter. If you’re already set on your solid basic, like a navy or gray, consider a pinstripe suit as your next buy. It’s equally as classic, but stands out a little more than your solid coloring. For a second option to keep in rotation, it can’t be beat. From classic navy to grays and blacks, here are 11 of the best pinstripe suits to choose from.

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Urban Outfitters

Pinstripe Single Breasted Suit


First time for the print? Get a starter take from Urban Outfitters that’s easy on the wallet. 


Coolmax Pinstripe Suit



Zara has some pretty great budget suiting, too. This one is made with a fabric that is built to minimize and absorb sweat.


Midnight Pinstripe Twill Suit


Indochino is the brand mainstreaming custom suiting. A pinstripe take is a classic. 


Pinstripe Slim Suit


For solid suits less than $500, head to Topman. They’re classic but with modern fits, so they never feel too stuffy. 


Havana Dark Gray Suit


Suitsupply is the master of the mid-range suit. Double-breasted pinstripe is kind of British and definitely good. 

Boss Hugo Boss

Pinstripe Suit


For a higher end purchase, look to Boss for something well-made but not over the top. 

Emporio Armani

Pinstripe Suit


You can spot an Armani suit if you’re trained for it. For an off-the-rack option, it’s one of the classics. 

Joseph Abboud

Gray Stripe Suit


Joseph Abboud’s suiting is expertly made but isn’t uptight. The fabrics and colors are always a little lighter and looser than you’d expect, which makes the suiting stand out.  


Harry’s Pinstriped Super 120s Wool Suit


Harry’s Kingsman suit is the supreme example of a double-breasted pinstripe suit well done. Designers did the replicating for you, so you can look just like him. 

Dolce & Gabbana

Pinstripe Suit


If you like nodding to old-school style, Dolce & Gabbana is a good place to do it. Bonus points if you wear it with Doc Marten derbies. 


Heritage Logo-Print Suit


And for those looking to exist on the edge of fashion, no brand does it like Gucci does. This only looks like a pinstripe—the stripes are actually “Gucci” spelled out in small print. 

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