Planning a wedding can be a lot of work. Usually for the couple, sometimes their families, and maybe a wedding planner. But one bride ensured that her big day was a lot of work for everyone involved when she made her entire guest list do manual labor to make it happen.

In a Reddit thread first spotted by Yahoo, a woman posted about a wedding she once attended where she—along with everyone else who was invited—was forced to do manual labor for four straight days to make it happen. “As soon as we get there, we are put to work literally landscaping the backyard for the wedding,” she wrote, noting that family members would come over to help “lay sod, build walkways, plant flowers, trim bushes, and help build a gazebo.”

She continued, “When we weren’t working outside we were inside making food, ironing millions of table clothes and napkins, making table toppers, and my friends mom who is a florist spent hours every day doing the flowers, all for free.” There was a major time crunch, so the “team” wound up working from 6am-12pm to get everything ready.

And the worst part? “The bride helped with NOTHING. She sat inside in the air conditioning scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to find new ideas she could make us build outside for her… Everyone was slowly getting sick of the bride. It sucked coming inside after laying a brick walkway to see her kicked back relaxing, and it sucked making Pinterest snacks while she barked orders from the table.”

On the day of the wedding, guests arrived at 5am to unload tables and chairs, then decorate them while the bride barked orders. At least, the poster says, the wedding was gorgeous.

Commenters seem to be ok with the fact that the bride asked people to help (especially because many of the helpers were family members), they take issue with the fact that she lounged around and watched them do it instead of pitching in to help. “I would be fine in this situation if she was only relaxing on the day of. There is no excuse for her to just lounge around days before the wedding while her friends and family provide free labor,” wrote one user. “I’ve busted my ass for other people’s weddings, but the bride and groom have always been there working just as hard, if not harder. It’s not okay that she wasn’t participating. What an ungrateful person,” posted another.

This is hardly the first time a bride has gone above and beyond in her expectations of guests. Last year, a woman demanded that her guests follow a $1,000 dress code, and another asked her guests to pay to attend her wedding. Showing up and sending a gift is quite enough, thank you very much.

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