Wondering what’s big in bridalwear at the moment? Well, there are no definitive trends that actually stand out, but one thing’s for sure – designers are focusing on a balance between the old and new this season.

Think of gowns with modern cuts and silhouettes, but with the use of traditional fabrics instead. Even the beautiful embellishments are done in such a way that they denote a more classic or retro feel.

Here, we round up three Malaysian designers who have taken a step back in time with their bridalwear.

Feminine Appeal

Alia Bastamam draws inspiration from the Gardens of Babylon for her 2019 bridalwear. Her recent fashion presentation saw models walking a runway surrounded by majestic columns.

In contrast to the greens and earthy shades of the themed setting, white symbolises the purity of the Alia Bastamam bride on her most special day. Lush lace adds richness, while accents of gold enhances the luxe feel.

“But I wanted to see beyond their beauty,” Alia explains. “I looked deeper and into our fascinating female qualities, which we shouldn’t be afraid to lay bare, like our innocence and bravery.”

According to her, the collection plays on female characteristics. She says: “Melding the inner facets of a woman with my own idea of this ‘Garden’, I’ve created looks that strike a chord with me.

The wedding dresses go above and beyond in denoting class and sophistication. This can be observed in the clever use of graceful draping and subtle, tasteful embellishments.


Alia Bastamam draws inspiration from the Gardens of Babylon for her 2019 bridalwear. Photo: Alia Bastamam

Alia, who is known for her feminine and sensual designs, is very much a household name among women who value luxe wardrobe essentials. Launched in 2010, her label also offers everyday made-to-measure creations.

Rich In Detail

The latest bridalwear from Fiziwoo is described as “filled with wonder and intricacy”. In this regard, the sophisticated designs bring together traditional silhouettes with modern elements.

Although a little sombre, the designs have a touch of gracefulness to them. They are seen as rightly demure, and lend a tone of sobriety to the occasion.

Feminine fabrics like tulle set the mood for love in this year’s collection. Soft yet hard, romantic yet edgy. These are the contrasting elements that define the creations.

Comprising 17 dresses, the collection portrays a rich variety of couture techniques. From intricate beading to hand pleating and embroidery, they offer the best of a meticulous craftsmanship.


Fiziwoo designs bring together traditional silhouettes with modern elements. Photo: Fiziwoo

The Fiziwoo label was founded by Mohd Hafizi in 2009. He was joined by Izree Kai Haffiz two years later, and today, the duo count the cream of Malaysian society as their customers.

Sleek And Chic

Traditional with a twist. Such is the aesthetic that Rico Rinaldi is aiming for when it comes to his 2019 bridal designs. They include 20 looks that is made for all types of women.

From a classic piece that takes the form of a trendy dress to a songket material kebaya with signature embellishments, as well as long white wedding gowns – his label has it all.

Most looks take on the basic corseted silhouette. This is in addition to body hugging numbers featuring layers of tulle and tiered pleated dresses with crystals and laser-cut finishing.

“Modern brides prefer something simple,” says Rico. “I tried really hard at keeping things sleek and clean. Although, I can’t help but play with fabrics like lace, or even songket.”

His muse for the year (as seen in the campaign pictures) is none other than Malaysian actress Daiyan Trisha. Fresh, young, fun and modern, she is just the person to bring together the concept of old and new.

“She is the perfect muse because this year’s collection is simple yet eye-catching. I would like to think that it is suitable for young brides,” explains Rico, who has been a designer since 2006.

“Daiyan herself has released a new single called Langit, in which the video portrays a wedding mood. She is very young, fun to work with and very easy to handle,” he adds.


Rico Rinaldi matches modern silhouettes with traditional fabrics and embellishments. Photo: Rico Rinaldi


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