With royal designers and stylists aplenty, and budget likely to be less of an issue compared to most members of the public, royal style can often seem very extraordinary. This means that what some members of the Royal Family wear can often dominate headlines. Last night, the documentary Secrets of the Royal Dressmakers aired on Channel 5. In the episode, royal designers and stylists explored how members of the Royal Family captured the world’s attention through their style choices.

What’s more, some contributors shared some insight into what Queen Elizabeth II wears.

During the episode, designer David Emanuel, who designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress with his wife Elizabeth Emanuel, spoke about looks worn on royal outings by the Queen.

“She’s got her kit, as it were. She’s got her working clothes. She can out-dazzle everybody with her diamonds, hello, and there’s a lot of them! I think she sees it as her working wardrobe,” he said.

While many people may consider their personal preference and recent trends when picking out an ensemble, the Queen has demonstrated she has thought about the event itself that she is attending, a number of times in the past.

This includes back in 1983, when she paid a visit to the 20th Century Fox film studios in Los Angeles, California.

The Queen wore a gown which had been emblazoned with the California poppy.

During the episode, a royal expert explained that when it comes to royal engagements, the monarch doesn’t simply refer to the clothes she will wear as outfits, but instead, something rather more unusual.

“You know she calls them her costumes,” former royal butler Paul Burrell said. “’Which costume will I wear today?’ [she may say].”

“She’s dressing up, and going out onto the royal stage to perform her duty.”

In 2011, the Queen made a state visit to Ireland – a hugely important moment in relations between the two countries.

For the state dinner during her trip overseas, a shamrock had been embroidered into the monarch’s gown.

In fact, the bodice and sleeves had been embellished with more than 2,000 hand-sewn embroidered shamrocks.

She also sported a Swarovski-embellished Celtic harp brooch, pinned to her left shoulder.

“When she had the state dinner, the shamrock was embroidered within her gown, because it’s a business,” another royal commentator said.

“These dresses are not worn for pleasure.

“They are very much functional business dresses, and they are paid for by the foreign office because the Queen, as Head of State, is representing her country and this is a work outfit.”

From one royal to another, Sarah Ferguson’s look has gone under the spotlight recently.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, make-up artist to the stars Ariane Poole, who has worked with Fergie, shared her thoughts on the make-up evolution of the royal.

Studying a series of looks from over the years, Ariane revealed that the Duchess of York broke royal protocol, following her split from Prince Andrew.

The couple tied the knot in 1986, announcing their separation in 1992. The Duke and Duchess of York were later granted a divorce in 1996, but have remained good friends since.

Secrets of the Royal Dressmakers is available to watch now on My5.


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