Good morning. I was married on this day nearly 20 years ago, a rainy, windswept afternoon on the East End of Long Island, the wedding party standing beneath the American flag at the Legion Hall as if auditioning for a high-school production of “Our Town.” The D.J. cued up Desmond Dekker afterward, and there were raw clams and oysters for all. It was pretty great. I’d like to have the best clam chowder (above) with the kids for dinner tonight in celebration, and to play “Israelites” loud while I clean up afterward. Maybe you could join us in cooking or at least in spirit? Marriage is a good institution.

If there’s time, I’d like to get going tonight as well on this make-ahead pork barbecue situation that David Tanis ginned up for us. If I can knock down the roasting part this evening, I can rip the meat off the bones tomorrow, reheat it and serve it shredded on sandwiches, with cabbage salad (you’ll see the recipe for that at the end of the one for the meat). That is a big-flavor dinner right there.

Hit the farmers’ market midweek for rhubarb and chicken, and you can make Melissa Clark’s new recipe for roast chicken with a rhubarb glaze. The rhubarb, sliced and spiced with coriander and ginger, then sprinkled with sugar, roasts in the same oven as the bird, though in a separate pan. It goes soft and syrupy while remaining tart, and you can brush its sauce on the roasting bird to help take its skin crisp and bronze. Melissa serves the meat with buttery polenta. I like that idea.

Have you seen our new recipe for green goddess broiled salmon with potato, cucumber and snap peas? Or this one, for quick beef ragù with broken lasagna noodles? Maybe you could make those this week. I just re-upped my recipe for poundcake and strawberries. Even if you make that with store-bought cake and industrial strawberries, I’m telling you: It’ll change the color of your mood ring.

There are many, many thousands more recipes you could cook tonight on NYT Cooking. (You do need a subscription to access them. We think that’s fair and hope you agree.) Please head on over there to see what appeals — lamb chops! fattoush! billi bi! — and then cook what you desire.

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Now, it’s nothing to do with Sicilian pizza or boxes of Darjeeling tea, but Lindsay Zoladz’s story about Carly Rae Jepsen in The Ringer is so, so great.

If you’re interested in car camping or gear, this video introduction to “Adventure Vehicles 101,” in Outside, may prove addictive.


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