A wedding guest’s outfit choice has become the subject of online ridicule after internet users branded it “sexy” and “inappropriate”.

The long, navy blue silk gown was shared to the forum, Wedding Bee, by the concerned sibling of the woman who was planning to wear the dress.

Explaining she was “unsure” over her sister’s choice of outfit for their brother’s upcoming wedding because it had a train, she attached photos of the $299 ensemble.

As well as having a “look at me” train, the gown also had ample cleavage, a low-cut back and a silhouette shape.

“My sister wants to wear this dress to our brother’s wedding,” the caption read, explaining the ceremony would be outside in warm temperatures followed by a reception inside a ballroom.

“She typically dresses like this, low cut outfits and is thin like the model, not huge boobs where it will be a distraction,” she continued. “She asked me if I thought it was okay, I’m not sure …. What do you think?

“I personally am not sure about having a train at someone else’s wedding?”


While she clearly only took issue with the train — and not the Abyss by Abbey design — pretty much everyone else thought the whole thing was OTT.

“It looks like lingerie and I really don’t think it’s appropriate,” one person commented.

“That is too much skin. It also looks cheap to me,” another brutally remarked.

Another said: “The cleavage and back are whatever, but a train? That’s barely a half step under wearing a veil. It’s pretty much a sign saying ‘Look at me, not the bride’. She can be sexy, confident, even risque if that’s her style, but a train is none of the above.”

Others called the outfit “dramatic”, “a bit much” and awful, while one even claimed it looked like she was “trying too hard”.

One person ranted: “Whether she looks like a ‘model’ or not, this is a WEDDING, not the freaking red carpet. It’s not the time to look “sexy” or “fire”. If she usually dresses like that, it’s clear she enjoys the attention, and that’s fine. But this is not her day. She’s a guest, not the star of the show.”

Another agreed, saying: “I might be old fashioned, but I don’t think it’s respectful to wear something overtly sexy to a WEDDING. Your sister can have the attention every other day of her life — now is not the time for everyone to be looking at her.”


There were a few who defended the choice, calling out those who slammed it.

“I actually really like it.. the colour, the design, everything” one said.

“I love a deep V, open back, fitted, all that. I would be PISSED if someone told me that the style I dress in is not what they deem ‘appropriate’,” another wrote.

“It’s gorgeous,” someone else declared.


It’s not the first time a wedding outfit has been branded inappropriate by angry internet users.

In April one bride copped major flak online after her “bum cleavage” gown was shared. Users likened the woman’s sleeveless dress to that of a “strip show”, with some people branding it as too risque for the special occasion.

However it’s not just outfits that get called out online as part of the growing wedding shaming trend, with food often coming under fire too.

A couple’s wedding day spread was branded “pathetic” after a photo of the food was leaked online recently.

Included in the catering were slices of unwrapped “plastic cheese”, cut up oranges and squares of a chocolate cake adorned with a lemon lolly that were savagely mocked.

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