Bonded in holy matrimony.

A unity ceremony is symbolic way to conclude your wedding vows together and “become one” as an officially married couple. The ceremony symbolizes your two once-separate lives, now coming together as one.

“For couples who want to honor their heritage or family traditions, but may not connect as much to the traditional religious explanations that typically come with them, I’ve often worked with couples to either modernize or make more fitting the verbiage that we include,” says Bethel Nathan, Ordained Officiant Open to All of Ceremonies by Bethel.

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This may be the veil, coins, and cord ceremony for Filipino couples, or the lasso ceremony for Mexican couples, for example. Ultimately, honoring heritage and tradition might be the most important thing to you, so don’t feel like it can’t be done respectfully with newer or different explanations.

Another thing to consider, when thinking about unity ceremony ideas, rituals and components, is whether you want your guests to participate in the ritual with you. “Some more easily allow for that, whereas others are meant to be for just the two of you, with your guests watching and cheering you on,” Nathan advises.

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