A storm has been brewing on social media for Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright surrounding their choice of pastor for their June 29 wedding.

In what should be a joyous occasion for the couple has been marred after posts surfaced by their officiant, Ryan Dotson, expressing transphobic and ultraconservative political views which don’t jibe with the couple or their employer, Lisa Vanderpump. Both Jax and Brittany, who obviously don’t share Dotson’s views, have been defending themselves on Twitter, stressing that the situation has been dealt with, and Dotson has been replaced for their big day in Kentucky.

Even so, both Taylor and Cartwright are being bombarded on social media with some people asking for “proof” that they have fired Dotson. Jax emphatically told one fan that the situation is handled.

“Do I have to spell it out for you…. we took care of it a while ago, we were unaware of his Facebook posts, I clearly do not support that, and if you think that then that’s your fault, how can that be true when a quarter of my guests are gay. Use your head.”

From their posts on social media, it’s obvious that both Jax and Brittany feel hurt that anyone would believe that they would knowingly have an officiant who expresses anti-LGBT views.

But Cheat Sheet says that it was all of the pressure on social media which prompted the couple to dispatch with Dotson. Vanderpump Rules fans have excitedly been following the wedding preparations for Taylor and Cartwright’s nuptials, but things took a dark turn when talk of parties and dresses turned to the alleged homophobia of Pastor Dotson and suggestions that VPR and Bravo should be boycotted.

A rep for Lisa Vanderpump released a statement on behalf of the owner of Pump and Sur to say that the matter was being handled.

“I’ve contacted Jax and Brittany. They are dealing with this today. This attitude is totally not acceptable to them and changes are forthcoming.”

All parties have now clearly stated that Dotson has been “relieved of his duties,” but many people continue to ask the couple whether or not they’ve hired another member of the clergy to officiate. Finally, Jax shared a Twitter post to say that the matter has been put to rest, and he no longer wants to discuss it in the weeks before his wedding.

“I was just making a point, I wore a speedo/ and glitter once during pride, I have many guests that have different sexuality’s, would be really really f**ked up for me to knowingly have a pastor like this. Last I will comment on this.”

The name of the new officiant hasn’t been announced, but with the level of scrutiny, it will surely be someone who is more in line with the couple’s views in supporting Pride and the LGBT community.

Bravo provided a tour of the Kentucky Castle where the wedding will be taking place at the end of June. The venue is located in Versailles, Kentucky, and it’s the place where Brittany has always dreamed of tying the knot. Architectural Digest called the venue Kentucky’s most beautiful hotel, and so there is no doubt that it will only add to the beauty of the festivities.


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