In case you missed it, last week romance author Amy Pennza went viral after she posted a #weddingfail tweet that showed her mother-in-law wearing a wedding dress to Pennza’s nuptials.

Needless to say, the image of the groom’s mom wearing a straight-up wedding dress quickly spread across the internet and people had a multitude of questions, most of which were HOW and WHY did this happen?!

People were really taken with the mother-in-law’s inclusion of an updo, which truly completes the WTF factor of the look.

As with most people who find themselves at the center of a viral tweet, Pennza didn’t expect her tweet to take off in such a huge way.

Since the viral explosion of her #weddingfail, Pennza debriefed The Huffington Post about how the bridal gown debacle happened in the first place.

According to Pennza, it was a miraculous level of absent mindedness on the part of her mother-in-law, and there is no beef or malice there.

“She just remembers seeing it in Dillard’s and it fit and she felt good in it and it was on sale. I have a vivid memory of getting dressed, I’m like half naked with all these people around, and the photographer is taking photos. She came in fully dressed into the foyer and the sun was lit ― in my memory it was a blinding light ― and it couldn’t have been more of a pure, snow-white dress. And I go, ‘You… could be the bride!’ She had this look on her face ― I think someone had already gotten to her at that point and said, ‘What are you doing?’”

Pennza went on to clarify that the family had a few wedding adjacent events that summer, so her mother-in-law was deep in the throes of shopping for outfits, which may have contributed to the temporary lapse in a etiquette.

Pennza also went on to share that her mother-in-law is excitable and can lose sight of the bigger picture in a moment of excitement.

“If you know her, you’re like, ‘Yeah, that sounds about right, she definitely did that. A year ago IHOP did this marketing stunt where they said they were changing their name to IHOB. When the story broke, she went to IHOP, a place she never goes. She bought a gift card with $10 on it because she thought one day the old logo would be worth money.”

Pennza went on to clarify that her mother-in-law has profusely apologized since the incident and it is all viral water underneath the bridge now.

At the end of the day, Pennza believes it’s her mother-in-law’s love of a good deal that drove the ill informed shopping decision.

“I can’t wrap my mind around why she would think that, because she knows you don’t wear well, maybe she doesn’t know? I should ask ― you would never wear red to a funeral, you wouldn’t wear white to a wedding. The only possible explanation is that she just could not turn down a sale. She was like, ‘Well, I have a formal event to go to, so I’m wearing this dress.”

While the internet now has answers, it’s abundantly clear that Pennza handled the situation with far more class and grace than most of us would.

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