When Houston’s go-to fashion designer David Peck decided it was time late last month to do a mini-makeover of his showroom, which is tucked in an office building on the cusp between Tanglewood and Memorial, the result was not only a fresh ambience for his shop but also an expanded design oeuvre. Say hello to David Peck wall murals, gift items and products for the home, all embellished with prints from his personal inventory.

It all began when Peck was cruising for something to replace the old Miles David sign on the back wall of his atelier when he came across a blog touting stick-on wall murals. “I realized that the showroom needed a well deserved facelift,” he writes in his blog. “I was determined to make these changes happen as quickly as possible and on a budget (favorite word ever… not). This two-day room revamp was definitely one for the books and super easy!”

Peck and his team tried the product. It took two people only 90 minutes to install the $299 8X8 mural, which can be peeled off with no damage to the wall. Think a sturdier contact paper. With that success, Peck took the step of sending some of his own artwork to the company for creating murals of his own design. Et voila! His business blossomed.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with a lot of the prints that I’ve designed,” he tells PaperCity. “Because honestly, the technology for designing fabrics has been farmed out over seas. So now, we’re focusing on embroidery, appliques and beading which is much easier than designing prints on clothing. So I stepped back from it.”

But Perck had this repertoire of 60 to 70 prints that he has designed over the years. With this simple process, he could create his own murals as well as a wealth of other products featuring his prints. Two of his murals grace the showroom on South Voss and various products are scattered throughout.

“This was a really easy way to use those prints in a new way,” Peck says. “We can do wall murals. We can do pillows. We can do little notebooks . . .  I had been looking for a long time for a simple idea of products that reflect what I do but obviously are giftable. And that’s kind of where the whole idea evolved.”

The expanse of gifts includes acrylic trays, notebooks, stationary, cards and more, each emblazoned, if you will, with one of Peck’s enchanting prints. Already, the response has been beyond positive.

In addition, Peck has expanded to beautiful custom handbags. His acrylic boxes with chains are lined on one side with creations that can match an occasion or a wedding pattern and on the other a swatch of fabric that could also coincide with the occasion or a gown or school colors. On hand, he has a beautiful example of a butterfly handbag designed in a nod to Holocaust Museum Houston‘s butterfly sculpture that features 1,500 butterflies suspended from the museum’s third floor.

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