Being a bridesmaid is a commitment that starts the day your bestie asks you, up until when the happy couple says, “I do.” Through the planning, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and more, you and the bridal party will be in constant contact. A group chat needs to be set up immediately with everyone involved, and that’s why you need some inspiration for group chat names for the bridal party.

The bridal party may be a mix of old friends, new friends, and even family members. Not everyone may be familiar with the whole squad at first, but a group chat will have you connecting and having fun in just about no time. Kick things off by organizing your chat with a cute or clever name. That way, it’s easier to find your specific chat when you come up with a brilliant idea for the bridal shower theme or clever bachelorette party props.

Plus, your chosen group chat name could end up being what the bride squad refers to themselves as through the whole wedding planning process. (I’m even thinking matching shirts for the bachelorette party, but first, you need to settle on a name.) Send this list of 68 bridal party names to the chat right now, and see which one everyone wants to say yes to. Then, you’ll be ready to share Pinterest boards, Instagram photos, and Etsy links with ease for optimal bridal party support.

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1. I Do Crew

2. Bride’s Peeps

3. Friends Of Honor

4. Honor Guard

5. Bridal Posse

6. Bridal Par-Tea

7. My Bridal Beaches

8. Bride’s Minions

9. “I Do” Mates

10. The Commitment Crew

11. Bridesfolk

12. Pizza Their Heart

13. Bride Squad Goals

14. You Can’t Sip With Us

15. Here Comes The Bride

16. It’s Bride Time

17. Mermaid To Be Friends

18. Yass Queens

19. Two Less Fish In The Sea

20. We Bey All Night

21. Nacho Average Bridal Party

22. Bach Made In Heaven

23. Cake’s In Tiers

24. Bridal Bunch

25. Bride’s Baes

26. Wedding Vibes Only

27. Bridal Entourage

28. We Want Cake

29. Wedding Planners

30. Warning: Bach Party Spoilers

31. Wedding Dream Team

32. Wedding Secrets Inside

33. Friends For Wife

34. Bridal Friends Forever

35. Wedding Sisterhood


36. The Chosen Ones

37. It Just Got Real

38. Bling And Bubbly

39. Bridal Clique

40. Bridal Support Group

41. Team Bride

42. Let’s Party

43. The Flockin’ Bridal Crew

44. Birds Of A Feather

45. Bride’s Wolf Pack

46. We’ll Be There For You

47. Bride To Brie Clique

48. Best Bach Behavior

49. Bride And Boujee

50. Bae Watch

51. Bridal AF

52. The Wedding VIPs

53. Party People

54. On Her Side

55. Best Sisters

56. Only Gouda Wedding Vibes

57. Party Starters

58. Here For The Bride

59. Aisle Walkers

60. Veil Bound Buds

61. Miss To Mrs Crew

62. Three Musketeers

63. Mermaid To Be Bridesmaids

64. Bridal Dream Team

65. Fiancée’s Fantastic Four

66. Getting Meowied

67. Whole Latte Love Here

68. Bride’s Ride Or Dies


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