Turkey continues to mobilize the tourism sector in many different branches. Tourism professionals who want to maintain and even strengthen their position in the world in all areas of the sector without concentrating only on sea, sand and sun are making room for themselves in areas such as culture and the arts, sports, congresses and cruises. In this context, the initiatives of the sector representatives, who want to get a considerable share of wealthy Indian weddings, continue. Turkey, which currently gets $10 million from the billion-dollar Indian wedding market, is gearing up to multiply this revenue in 2020.

Bünyat Özpak, the co-founder of Inventum Global, one of the leading representatives of the Indian wedding market in Turkey, informed the media that until November, Indian weddings would continue in Bodrum, Antalya and Istanbul, recalling that they recently had two big Indian weddings in Bodrum, according to Turkish Milliyet daily. “Indian weddings start at $500,000 and up. The families organizing the wedding bring hundreds of guests to Turkey,” Özpak said. “Regions like Thailand take the lead in weddings in terms of transportation, but we have made excellent progress since the days when they asked where Antalya was.” Özpak said Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul would experience notable wedding mobility in September, October and November, adding that there would be four weddings in Bodrum in this period. “We are conducting another major project,” he continued. “It is well known that the most pressing matter in remote countries is transportation. We start regular charter flights from India to Turkey from mid-November to April. In this way, we will bring more people to meetings and weddings. We will do this with a Turkish-flagged charter airline. Inventum Global has made a serious investment in this sense.”

Another positive effect of Indian weddings on Turkish tourism is that they contribute to the economy in the slow season, when the number of tourists decreases in the country’s famous holiday resorts Bodrum and Antalya. Accordingly, the region is experiencing a significant revival thanks to Indian weddings that fill the gap between April and November.

Murtaza Kalender, general manager of TravelShopTurkey & Murtis Tour, stated that 2020 would be a great year for Indian weddings, stressing that the number of weddings would exceed 15 in 2019, reaching 30 in 2020. “According to the information we receive from the regions, guests coming for the wedding also start cultural tours. Indians are more likely to have a positive impact on cultural tourism than on sea-sand-sun holidays. In this way, they promote Turkey very well,” Kalender noted.

Indian families organizing the weddings host at least 300, sometimes up to 1,000, guests in the country where the wedding is held. The wedding agency, which Indian families have agreed on in India, contacts a company in that country. Though Indian wedding packages start at $500,000, this only includes the package price of the wedding. Every guest also spends a significant amount in the country they visit.


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