Make your special day shine with these incredible wedding venues.

While many couples go the traditional route for their wedding venue — houses of worship, banquet halls, and event spaces — we’re here to tell you that (when planning a wedding), there are options to get creative. By incorporating a unique wedding venue into your special day (whether it be the ceramony or reception), you’re guarenteeing a new or nearly-new experience for your family and friends.

Below, we’ve listed 15 creative wedding ideas and venues to tie the knot. And for the non-traditional bride, this should stir up some inspiration for the big day!

1. Building ruins 

Not only is hosting a wedding at a ruin extremely rustic and picturesque, it’s historical and story-telling. Filled with a past and a collection of narratives as reflective as a fairytale, what more could you want from a venue when saying your “I dos”?


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