Everyone knows just how expensive a wedding can be. Everything from the wedding dress on down to the tiniest details like the type of flower used in the bridal party’s bouquets. Where you choose to get married is essentially where the bulk of your wedding budget will go so it can either keep your budget afloat or it can blow it out of the water… most people prefer to keep prices reasonable but end up blowing their budget out of the water.

So why do lots of couples end up going into debt over a wedding venue? Does it mean that the fancier the venue is, the longer your marriage will last? Surely not. A lot of couples actually have extravagant weddings because they love putting on a good show and they love to entertain… it doesn’t mean that the love they share is for show… it just means that they have the financial means to have an elaborate wedding. It’s those couples that don’t have the financial means to have an elaborate wedding that goes into debt over their wedding; that’s just financially silly and irresponsible.

CNBC states that 16% of couples are taking up to $16,000 in wedding debt and couples who what the extravagant weddings are borrowing over $50,000 to pay for their wedding. According to theknot.com, the average cost of a wedding is over $35,000 dollars. It really makes you wonder if it’s really worth all that money.

What people fail to realize or are too lazy to put into action is that there are all kinds of ways to have the wedding of your dreams while keeping costs low and doing that doesn’t mean that your wedding will look cheap or make your union less special… it just means that you’ll have extra money to spend for a downpayment on a house or to put towards your honeymoon.

If you’re a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, take the time out to have a serious discussion about what you want for your wedding day. It’s actually a very important question to ask each soon after the engagement. If you’re still trying to decide where to have your wedding that will be the most financially responsible for you, take a look at the top 3 wedding locations to say your forevers to each other.

Lots of people feel like getting married at one of those Vegas wedding chapels are quite tacky but they’re actually not. Can you imagine having Elvis being your wedding officiant? How awesome would that be! For one thing, it would be a wedding no one would ever forget.

Now, as mentioned above, some people think a Vegas wedding is tacky, right? Well, the couple won’t think it’s so tacky when they only had to spend a couple of hundred dollars to have the same type of ceremony a couple would get if they spent $50,000 on a wedding! The other awesome thing about getting married in Vegas is that it’s in LAS VEGAS!!!

Do you even know what that means? That means that Vegas is a party destination… which also means that you can have your bachelor/bachelorette party there, get married, and have your honeymoon all in one location! For the bachelor/bachelorette party, you and the entire wedding party can soak up the sun and get the real VIP experience at Vegas’s pool parties and nightclubs!

Some people will think of this as being too old fashioned for their wedding but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Sometimes when you’re in a financial crunch, you have to utilize all your resources and if you have certain friends or family members with nice houses, you can ask them if they’d house host your wedding! You won’t ever know if you don’t ask.

Now, with this option, they may allow you to have your wedding there but you still need to factor in costs needed like:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Dinnerware
  • Silverware
  • Tablecloths
  • Decorations

Now, this is something important to consider because you will need to make sure you have these items to transform the look of the home. So you will still need to factor in a wedding budget to have but it won’t be anything near the wedding cost an average of over $35,000.

Did you know that getting married at the courthouse can sometimes be less than $100, depending on where you live? Now, with that, you also have to understand that other people know how inexpensive a courthouse wedding is too, meaning that the ceremony won’t be long and your guest count will be limited to about 10 people or less, generally. Some cities offer courthouse wedding for free too!

What a lot of people will do is have a modest wedding at the courthouse and then have a really nice reception at a larger venue so that everybody will be able to attend. This option still has the potential to cost you lots of money but you still saved more money because you didn’t have to rent a venue for your wedding and reception. 


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