It makes all the difference.

We buy insurance for our cars, our homes, even our lives, but many of us probably haven’t considered the importance of getting wedding insurance. However, once you do consider it, it makes a lot of sense.

With the amount of money spent on weddings today, this small investment is like buying peace of mind. “You never know what might happen along the way,” says Shannon Tarrant, founder of Wedding Venue Map.

Think of wedding insurance as putting a tent on hold for an outdoor wedding. The best wedding advice will tell you that it’s better to be safe than sorry (and very wet) later. “As the old adage goes: ‘insurance is something you pay for and hope you’ll never use,’ and this certainly applies for wedding insurance,” Patricia Russell, CFP and founder of personal finance blog FinanceMarvel, warns.

With wedding costs often running higher than budgeted for, couples can be tempted to skip wedding insurance, as it often seems like an unnecessary luxury expense. 

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