Go a little bohemian with this natural tiara style.

Call me a hippie, or call me a Millennial, but I absolutely love the idea of incorporating a flower crown into a bridal outfit. A wedding flower crown is elegant, simple, and, more often than not, way more affordable than an old-school bridal veil. They also can be made by your local florist or yourself, if you’re crafty. 

As a fan of flower crowns and a fan of craft ideas, I had to put together a list of flower crowns I found on Instagram. Here are some inspirational wedding ideas that will make you want to get floral at your bridal bash!

1. Hippie beauty

Roses are the more traditional wedding flower, and it’s true, they definitely are romantic. Daisies, though, can be just as romantic and glamorous. They’re also more affordable, and work well with both rustic and bohemian weddings. 

This flower crown really works with anyone who views themselves as a hippie, a country girl, or just a fan of the simple things in life. In a world where we’re always pressured to glam up, isn’t it nice to have a flower crown that stays simple yet beautiful?

(Walmart, $14.98)

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