Dorian is a name that newlyweds Jillian and John MacMaster would rather never hear again.

Decked in their wedding clothes, the couple was taking a look around the debris-littered streets of Halifax on Sunday and snapping wedding photographs.

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The beaming couple had just gotten married on Saturday, in the face of hurricane Dorian — a major storm that made landfall in Nova Scotia after devastating the Bahamas.

Dorian’s hurricane-strength, nearly 150 km/h winds ripped up trees in Halifax, damaged power lines and even knocked over a construction crane. The storm left close to half a million Nova Scotia Power customers without power.

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Yet Jillian and John managed to pull off their wedding.

“We were supposed to get married at 5:30 and then it got bumped up to 3 and then noon,” Jillian explained.

Global News chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell caught up with the couple as they examined the damage caused by Dorian in Halifax, asking them how their wedding went.

The two of them, like the rest of the world, did not know of hurricane Dorian a year and a half ago, when they first began planning their nuptials.

“But as the week went on, we were watching it,” Jillian said.

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So while the hour of their ceremony eventually changed to accommodate the storm, their wedding day remained Saturday.

Jillian said “almost everybody” made it to the wedding.

“We were amazed,” she said.

Jillian and John MacMaster on a Halifax street. Credit: Global News / Anthony Farnell

Global News / Anthony Farnell

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“It went awesome, yeah, I’m surprised how well it went actually,” John said.

Dorian didn’t ruin their special day but it “definitely dampened a few things,” Jillian said.

“So we’re just out taking some memorable pictures,” she said.

In case you were thinking of cracking a joke about the name Dorian around them, they’ve heard several already.

“Yeah, we don’t want to hear that name after today,” Jillian said with a laugh.

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