After all — it is only one day, right?

For those who tended to side with the bride, they wondered what the big deal was with the sister, who couldn’t be bothered to tweak her extreme look for one single calendar day of the year.

“You could have compromised rather than getting upset,” one person wrote. “Say ‘What if I keep my piercings but wear a wig?’ Sorry but it is her day and I think at least the hair is a reasonable request.”

“It’s a single event for your sister and she wants the focus to be on her, and orange hair is distracting,” another person added. “Not only for the event itself, but for every formal photo/group photo.”

Yet another person didn’t get what the big deal was. 

“My sister asked me to dye my hair for her wedding as I was a bridesmaid, I didn’t question it,” she said. “Seriously how much damage can a brown rinse do?”

Hmm … fair point.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t seems like the two sisters will have a meeting of the minds any time soon. Later in the thread, the poster updated to say that she’d offered her sister some alternatives, including “wearing a wig or not being in the photos at all, or if she hates it so much for me to not be a part of the wedding party,” the poster shared.

Spoiler alert: The bride didn’t like any of those options.

“She denied the first two, and our mom is making me be apart of the wedding because we’re family,” the poster added.

Oof. Yikes. Whatever happens on the big day, it sounds like it’ll certainly be an INTERESTING wedding.

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