Bridal Bliss: Herlene and Khari’s Tropical Chic Wedding in Anguilla

Herlene and Khari Benjamin originally met at engineering school and would see each other in passing. Coincidentally, they didn’t officially connect until years later when they were both stationed in the United Kingdom for work. During Herlene’s impromptu visit to London, their friendship grew and eventually blossomed into a relationship. “He brings actions to my thoughts stability and focus to my ideas, all with a kind spirit,” says Herlene. “He is simply the one I can’t live without.”

The picture-perfect proposal went down at their favorite restaurant in Trinidad. Khari’s explanation for what he loves most about Herlene is enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye: “she keeps me grounded and dreaming at the same time.”

The couple had always known a destination wedding was in the cards, but it took some time to find a location that fit their needs and taste level. Funny enough, a particular rapper helped bring their vision to life. “I developed a hotel crush on The Four Seasons after watching Rick Ross’s ‘Diced “Pineapples’ video when it was then the Viceroy,” says Herlene. “The Kelly Wearstler decorated resort exuded unpretentious luxury. You felt welcomed into stunning surroundings and every detail was attended to.”

Scroll through the gallery for the best moments from Herlene and Khari’s Anguilla wedding.

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