Bridesmaids is an instant classic. It is a film that, at its core, centers around the beauty of friendship. We are so used to seeing bromance films hit the theaters, so it’s always refreshing when this concept can be applied to female relationships in the cinematic universe. This is exactly what the 2011 hit conveys, and we are able to witness how valuable platonic relationships between women really are. In order to celebrate this wonderful film, we’ve gathered a list of all the characters sorted into their Hogwarts houses. Which Hogwarts house does each character belong in? Read on to find out!

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The most common traits found in Slytherins are listed as “ambitious, natural leaders, cunning, and achievement-oriented.” These are all the perfect traits used to describe Helen, who is played hilariously by Rose Byrne. Helen is extremely, ambitious judging by the fact that she will do whatever it takes to create the perfect wedding for Lillian.

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She is clearly the leader when it comes to dictating the rest of the bridesmaids and she feels at ease in this powerful position. Helen is certainly cunning, as evidenced by her using subtle manipulation tactics in order to get her way, and she is incredibly achievement-oriented throughout the entire film. Just look at the parties she throws.


Annie is a classic Hufflepuff. Her two biggest passions in life are friendship and food. Can you get much more Hufflepuff than that? Annie is a simple woman, meaning she doesn’t care much about living the lavish lifestyle. Diamonds and designer clothes do not interest her in the slightest. In fact, she finds most of these finer things to be downright laughable.

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What Kristen Wiig’s character really values is the connections she has developed throughout her life, especially the friendship she has with her BFF Lillian. They are practically sisters, and Annie will do whatever it takes to make sure that bond stays in place. They both might find boyfriends and lovers along the way, but these two know that the most important relationship in their lives is with each other. Who else but a Hufflepuff would be able to carry this much wisdom when it comes to the value of friendship?


Nathan Rhodes is the quintessential Gryffindor. He is never afraid to say exactly what is on his mind, which is why he tells Annie his true feelings from beginning to end. He tells her at the bar that he’s been thinking about her a lot, and Annie finds herself attracted to his honesty. Like a true Gryffindor, he is a fan of grand gestures that some people in other Hogwarts houses might find cheesy or overwhelming. He is extremely supportive and he helps Annie achieve her dreams throughout the film. Sounds like a classic Gryffindor to us.


Megan is a total Ravenclaw because she is filled with endless wisdom and intelligence that the other bridesmaids often overlook. Similar to Luna Lovegood, a fellow Ravenclaw, people often underestimate the intelligence of these characters because of their quirky exteriors and their seemingly oblivious behaviors when it comes to proper social skills.

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Yet the truth is, it’s not that Megan is utterly clueless when it comes to her social skills. It’s just that this woman doesn’t give a fig what other people think about her. Megan is confident enough not to let petty behaviors get her down. She knows her worth and refuses to let other people define it for her.


Like her best friend Annie, Lillian is a true Hufflepuff. When it comes to her own wedding, she doesn’t care much about what her dress will look like or which flowers they will use as a centerpiece for each table. These materialistic details are minor to her in comparison to more important things,  like how her friends will get along during her big day. Like most Hufflepuffs, Lillian is able to see the goodness in people when most aren’t willing to dig as deep. This is evident when Lillian can see the goodness in Helen, while most people dismiss her as frosty and unlikable. It takes a true Hufflepuff to uncover the best qualities in others and we admire them for this.


Brynn is unquestionably a Gryffindor, yet she might be considered an “unhealthy Gryffindor” upon further examination. Annie’s roommate isn’t afraid to do anything, even if it will end up creating tremendous consequences. She agrees to get a free tattoo from a stranger on the street, because why not? Brynn doesn’t even care what the tattoo is — she just likes the fact that she doesn’t have to pay for it. The tattoo in question is a  Mexican worm, which Brynn claims to be a Native American symbol meaning “to get wasted.” A total free spirit, right? What better house for such a courageous and spontaneous type than Gryffindor?


Becca, who is played wonderfully by Ellie Kemper, is a Hufflepuff through and through. She is extremely loyal and willing to go with the flow when it comes to any given idea for the wedding. Whether it’s Pixar-themed wedding and everyone dresses up as their favorite animated character or if it’s a female fight club where they all “beat the sh*t” out of the groom, Becca is down for any outcome — but she would definitely prefer Pixar-themed. We wonder which characters from Pixar each of the bridesmaids would dress up as — now that’s a fun thought!


Rita is an example of a Slytherin that we’d love to be friends with. She is totally blunt when it comes to revealing whatever is on her mind, and we appreciate her authenticity along with her ability to speak the truth. If it wasn’t for her fearless honesty, Becca would never reveal the struggles in her own marriage and that plane kiss between her and Becca would’ve never happened. Some people may call Rita a bit rude, but she is really just a straight shooter with everyone she meets. That is one of the reasons we adore her character so much.


There is nothing better than seeing Jon Hamm go from the stifled Don Draper to a hilarious funny-man in comedies such as Bridesmaids and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In Bridesmaids, his character is a complete jerk who treats Annie like she is a piece of meat. He doesn’t see her as a human being and only considers her to be “number 3” on his list of women who he sleeps around with. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and this seems like the ultimate move of an unhealthy Slytherin.


Annie’s Mom is a total Hufflepuff. She is extremely caring and she will do whatever she can to make sure her daughter feels at ease. Annie’s Mom sees that her daughter is at a low point, and instead of being judgmental and pushing her to make the next move, she trusts that her daughter will find a way out of this rut on her own. Plus, it’s so Hufflepuff for Annie’s Mom to have a collection of DVDs that she pops into the TV set whenever she wants Annie to feel better. Annie’s Mom’s comforting nature gives us serious Hufflepuff vibes.

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