There’s no sign of a budget here as Chew opens the door to the lavish weddings of some of Asia’s wealthiest couples

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 14:08 pm

Updated Thursday, 10th October 2019, 14:09 pm
Lelian Chew will be seen in the hour long documentary about the lucrative business of wedding planning (Photo: BBC)

Weddings are an expensive business and no one knows that better than a wedding planner.

However, what happens when no expense is spared by the couple who want nothing but the best on their big day? A wedding planner to Asia’s elite, Lelian Chew, looks set to give viewers an insight into her day job as a million dollar wedding planner in a new BBC Two documentary.

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Allowing the cameras into her business for the first time, the hour long documentary will see Chew hard at work in the lead up to three of her clients’ weddings. From crystal chandeliers to gold threaded outfits, no demand is too extravagant for Chew.

Here’s all you need to know about Million Dollar Wedding Planner.

Lelian Chew offers to give couples everything they want on their wedding day in this new BBC Two documentary (Photo: BBC)

When is Million Dollar Wedding Planner on TV?

Million Dollar Wedding Planner airs on BBC Two on Thursday 10 October at 9pm. If you miss the initial broadcast, you can catch up on the BBC iPlayer.

Who is Lelian Chew?

Based in Singapore, 37 year old Chew used to be a private banker and began her career in finance working on the trading floor for Goldman Sachs.

Chew’s career change happened six years ago after an old banking client asked her to help organise their son’s wedding. As a result, Chew started her own wedding planning business called The The Wedding Atelier and since then the business has gone from strength to strength.

She has since gone on to plan the weddings of some of the most wealthiest couples in Asia.

When it comes to the weddings where budget is not an issue, Chew has to ensure the needs of her clients are met without any hesitation.

“You cannot be telling a bride on the eve of her wedding that the colour of the rose that she’s chosen months ago is no longer available. As a planner, we understand how emotional all these choices and decisions are,” she explained in an interview with i.

Having organised plenty of weddings, you would think that Chew would have become used to the emotions that come with the nuptials. But Chew insists that she still wells up when the couple say “I do”.

“I’m such a big romantic,” she says.“I still cry at every wedding we do. When you see two people in love, everything coming together at the wedding and them reciting their vows, it’s such a magical role for me.”

Chew was previously a banker and worked on the trading floor for Goldman Sachs (Photo: BBC)

What to expect?

It’s not just the table settings and schedule that Chew has to worry about as she will also be seen trying to manage the conflicting needs of a couple and their parents. With Asia’s younger generation spending more time abroad, couple Noel and Derek had set their sights on an international outdoor wedding. However, in a bid to appease Noel’s mum, they are now holding a eight course banquet.

Elsewhere, money is no issue for couple Prairie and Roger, who are hiring out an entire fire star resort for a destination wedding in Bali. As if that wasn’t extravagant enough, the day includes four dress changes for the bride and hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of flowers that adorn the venue.

Chew will also be seen organising the wedding of Febyan and Angie, who want to tie the knot twice in two different parts of the world. With one lavish ceremony taking place in Indonesia, the other will be held at the couple’s vineyard in Italy where Chew will pull out all the stops for a dramatic walk down the aisle by creating a platform so it looks like the bride is walking on water.

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